CrossCode Early Access Receives Major Story Update

CrossCode Early Access Receives Major Story Update

The old school 2D, SNES style throwback Crosscode from Radical Fish Games and Deck 13 has received its first major story update in a year for the game which is presently in early access on PC.

Crosscode Early Access Update

Since the last story update, the Action RPG which is a bit of a meta take on the MMO genre has received new gameplay areas, new quests and skills but the story had not progressed. Now that has been rectified with fresh story content and on the heels of that, the game is now set for an early 2018 release. The news has arrived in conjunction with the following new trailer:

From our time with the game, its tongue in cheek story is a bit of a riff on MMO culture and features some wonderfully witty writing and dialogue. It never fully crosses over into satire, instead it toes the line deftly. In particular the NPCs are well fleshed out with their own distinct personality traits. As a result, the new story update is a welcome addition since it’s likely to deliver even more fun interactions. Looking forward, soon before the release next year, the game will receive a near to final story update before launch.

Additionally the update adds the following highlights:

  • Extends the Autumn’s Fall area
  • Opens up Rookie Harbor North
  • Adds equipment level icons and cross references against enemy level when determining difficulty
  • New quests and the removal of boring fetch quests

You can view these in more detail as well as the full list of additions here.

Back in April we previewed Crosscode with a hands on write up of everything in the package, which includes energetic real time combat as well as challenging physics based ball tossing. It merges styles with aplomb and gives old school fanatics a trip down memory lane while also delivering the high speed action and gameplay that modern gaming enthusiasts prefer. For under 20 USD (it’s presently 16.99 on the Steam Summer Sale), it’s a great value for fans of the classic RPG experience. If you’re checking it out, be sure to let us know what you think!

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