Crosscode Developers Share News on DLC and Console Versions

Crosscode Developers Share News on DLC and Console Versions

Developer Radical Fish Games of the futuristic RPG CrossCode releases a new trailer featuring news of updates including next DLC and console versions.

Crosscode Developers Share News on DLC and Console Versions

CrossCode the action-RPG which delved into a world of a virtual reality MMORPG called CrossWorlds, is getting a new DLC and console ports. Radical Fish Games shared support for the game will include several free updates. The studio shared upcoming Post Game DLC details plus news about the console versions in their latest post on their official website.

Currently they are working on the Post Game DLC that will include an Epilogue to the current end of CrossCode. This will include extended Rhombus  Square, more Quests and proper Final Dungeon. They plan to release the DLC in time for Q2 2020. A technical update will be released in the next 1-2 weeks.

They also shared news about the console ports which Deck13 Spotlight are working on. While they anticipated the release to be earlier in 2019 this hasn’t been possible as there are still issues been worked on. Currently the Xbox One version has been the main focus, with testing now happening. Switch version is the next platform focus, which will require some optimisation and passing certifications.

Expect more details about consoles versions soon. If you haven’t check out CrossCode before it’s one not to overlook as it has a lot fun fast-paced action, with puzzle solving and will be a great addition to consoles like the Switch once it’s released. You can go check out our CrossCode Review if you want to see what we thought.

CrossCode is currently available to play on PC, with Xbox One and Switch versions coming soon.

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