Crimson Desert Trailer Unveils ‘A Saga Written in Blood’

Crimson Desert Trailer Unveils ‘A Saga Written in Blood’

Last updated on November 22nd, 2019

Pearl Abyss released the first trailer for upcoming fantasy MMORPG Crimson Desert.

Crimson Desert Trailer Unveils ‘A Saga Written in Blood’

During Pearl Abyss’ G-Star press conference, they revealed the first trailer for Crimson Desert, an open-world fantasy MMORPG set to release on console and PC with beta aimed for 2020. Pearl Abyss teased three new MMOs last week, Crimson Desert being one of them.

Crimson Desert is described as a fantasy game featuring single-player campaigns with “engaging quests” and plenty of more traditional MMORPG content. Pearl Abyss is well known for it’s first MMO Black Desert, which is not a coincidence that both share the word “Desert”. Crimson seems to be once set in the same world and part of the same flagship as Black Desert. It once was going to tell the origins of Black Desert, but became its own IP. Crimson comes with a whole new worldviews, religions, and characters unique to its tale.

The story follows a band of mercenaries led by Macduff. Together this crew will be tested in a narrative about “growth and resilience”. Crimson it seems is offering players with a story based experience.

From what we can see from the trailer, Crimson sets to be more traditional combat with medieval look. While set in a fantasy world where there are giants and other creatures, there doesn’t seem to be any magic wielding but close hand-to-hand action driven combat. It might be too early to tell whether this will be weaved into the game sometime later, but it looks to be quite gritty compared to Pearl.

You can check out the screenshots and trailer below which contain in-game footage:

Crimson Desert is set to release sometime in 2020 for PC and consoles. Pearl Abyss will be at E3 2020. In other news Black Desert Mobile launches worldwide on December 11th 2019.

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