How to Create Your Own Fighting School in Absolver
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How to Create Your Own Fighting School in Absolver

With Absolver having launched just a few days ago now, there seems to be one common question that keeps popping up among the Absolvers out there. “How do I create my own Fighting School in Absolver?” In this quick quide we’ll show you just how to do that along with what exactly a Fighting School is.


How to Create Your Own Fighting School

Combat Trials Requirment

The first thing you must do, and it’s rather lengthy is reach Rank 50 in the Combat Trials. What are Combat Trials? For all intents and purposes this functions as the game’s “Matchmaking” system that pairs players into an organized PvP session. Presently there is only the 1v1 game mode, but Sloclap has assured us that there are more game modes coming in future updates (including 3v3).

Players will need to get 5 “points” to rank up and will receive random rewards along the way. Players gain points as follows: 1 point for playing a “match”, 1 point for playing well and 1 point for winning the best of 5 series. For a total of 1 points minimum and 3 points maximum each match. If I did my math correctly that means it will take you somewhere between 150-250 Combat Trials in order reach rank 50. Grab some snack and Mountain Dew and get comfortable…

You can begin Combat Trials at any Altar you come across. Simply select the Combat Trials option and click “Launch” to begin matchmaking.

Speak With NPC

Once you have reached rank 50 in Combat Trials you can now head to the Oratian Quarter and speak to the NPC there who will help you create a Fighting School. He moves around some be sure to look near either the Altar or the statue on the roof there. The fasted way to get there from Guidance Bridge is to head to Central Harbor and head left into the Oratian Quarter.

We don’t know his name, he is simply referred to as “Statue Man”. If he’s not located here, check near the Altar nearby.

After speaking with Statue Man you will be able to set the Combat Style, Bare-handed Deck, Warglove Deck and Sword Deck for all players who join your School. You will also be able to choose from one of the Powers you have. Players who join your School will automatically gain access to ALL of these things, permanently unlocking them for the character. There are also Leaderboards that track the progress of your School against others for bragging rights. WOOT!

Here you can choose the things you wish to give to your Students when they join. Be sure you know what you want, because I’m not sure there is anyway to change it later.

Joining a Fighting School

Players can join a Fighting School by going to the Social tab and then Encounters and selecting a player from the list who is in a School and click “Join School“. You can see the details about the School when you select their name, such as number of Students, Disciples and the Leaderboard rank of that School.

Rakkio is actually an NPC in Absolver and you will learn the Stagger Style by joining his School. This player has clearly already done so.


Well there you have it, that’s how you Create or Join a Fighting School in Absolver. Stay tuned for more Absolver Guides and Content here on the Blog. And, be sure to check out the Wiki if you need more detailed information on Locations or Strategies.


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