Conan Exiles Releases Brutal Cinematic Trailer, Details Early Access Date & Special Edition

Funcom has released a brutal cinematic trailer for their upcoming Survival/RPG Conan Exiles which will be coming to early access for PC players on January 31st. Xbox One is getting a spring preview in the near future, no word on the PS4 release. They also announced the Barbarian Edition of the game which is a special edition for the most enthused of Conanites. Watch the trailer above and keep reading for the details of the edition.


Conan Exiles Barbarian Edition Features

  • Custom Conan Exiles digital comic book
  • Exclusive Conan Exiles t-shirt
  • Six digital Conan the Avenger comic books from Dark Horse Comics
  • 368 page, full-color, digital Conan Pen & Paper RPG Core Book from the hugely successful Kickstarter by Modiphius
  • “The Coming of Conan” eBook, 496 pages with illustrations and original Conan stories
  • The award-winning soundtracks from Age of Conan and Rise of the Godslayer, plus the brand new Conan Exiles soundtracks
  • In-game items for the Age of Conan MMO including a Savage Rhino mount
  • “The Art of Conan Exiles” digital artbook
  • And more

The standard edition of the game will cost 29.99 USD while the Barbarian Edition will set you back 59.99. Special editions of games are common, but not many come with shirts, comics, and table top RPG books.


We put together an extensive preview of Conan Exiles just last week and came away impressed with the potential the game has as an open world sandbox in a survival genre that is typically austere. Putting the crafting formula into the pulpy over the top world of Conan the Barbarian opens up entire new avenues for gory fun that aren’t limited to just making new tools and weapons, but actual buildings and conquests. Keep checking back for more on this promising game!

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