Conan Exiles Previews New Content & Roadmap to Release

Conan Exiles Previews New Content & Roadmap to Release

Funcom has released a preview of what content fans playing the Conan Exiles early access can expect the game to roll out over the next few months. The Survival mashup game went into early access in January and lets players engage in all of their best sandbox wish fulfillment desires, including building, crafting, killing, smashing, killing, torturing, killing and more.


Here’s a look at what to expect from the roadmap to the game’s full release in 2018:

  • Trebuchet, build-able siege towers, avatar defense and corpse lockers to house your slain foes. All said, these will be tools employed within your sieges of enemy strongholds.
  • Dye system for customizing armor and clothing
  • New dungeons to explore
  • Invading enemies from adjacent lands that players will have to band together to fend off
  • Taming of wild animals to turn them into mounts
  • A sorcery system that will tie into the game’s corruption mechanic
  • A town system that increases the activity and behaviors of your captures slaves
  • A new biome location with greenery that will add a temperature mechanic to the game’s weather system
  • Expansion of the religion system

It seems as if Funcom has big plans indeed for the game. Conan Exiles is in early access on PC right now and is set to release in full on PC and PS4 and Xbox One sometime in 2018.

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