Conan Exiles Patch for PC Delayed for August While Console Will Go Ahead

Conan Exiles Patch for PC Delayed for August While Console Will Go Ahead

A new patch set to hold 500 fixes for Conan Exiles has been delayed for release on the PC platform for August 2018. While the console versions will be getting the patch most likely tomorrow.

Conan Exiles Patch for PC Delayed for August While Console Will Go Ahead

Funcom have been testing a major update for the PC version of Conan Exiles, the patch which was suppose to release along with the PS4 and Xbox One version, but has been announced it will be delayed until next month in August. The patch will contain a major update including 500 fixes and updates for the game.

For platforms PS4 and Xbox One, the patch will likely go live within the next day providing certification is approved by Sony and Microsoft.

It sounds like the team at Funcom have been working round the clock to get the patch ready, as a forum post on the Funcom website shares that some are needing a much needed break. They wanted the patch to release this week, however did not feel confident in releasing before the summer break and would rather launch it when the team is back.

The patch sets to include various fixes and updates including the “recruit rank” which is a new addition to clans, durability bars will get colour coded, improvements to shield, corrections of the tier 4 thralls’ faces and more.

The patch also brings a change to the cost of Insulated Wood for Black Ice Buildings. In the past it would cost only cost one resin but after the patch update the recipe will be two resin and one oil. This change is to give it more of an even footing with reinforced stone which is also Tier3. For full patch details read about them here on the official Funcom forum post.

Conan Exiles is available to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC, with the latest patch going live for console most likely tomorrow and PC in August 2018.

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