Conan Exiles New Update Lets You Kill Gods

Conan Exiles New Update Lets You Kill Gods

The newest update for Conan Exiles, the online survival sandbox from Funcom has quite the new addition for players. The ability to destroy the avatars, or gods, that players can call down to wreck havoc and destruction on cities.

The newest update for the game which is presently in early access on Steam now makes these previously invulnerable deities killable. Projectiles like the also newly added glass orbs, arrows, bolts and siege boulders will now damage them, which will deplete their summoning time. The more damage you do, the quicker they’ll disappear. Additionally, their attack power is being reduced and their special attacks will now be required to destroy buildings.

You can also protect your buildings with the new defensive domes which project out from your city’s altar if it’s the highest tier, has an arch priest managing it and you have 500 manifestations of zeal. If you meet these requirements you can activate 2 domes for 48 hours. The outer dome will damage avatars who cross them. The inner dome protects everything inside from projectile attacks but players will be able to walk through them. If an avatar reaches the inner dome, the dome will disappear.

In the update, they’re also adding explosive glass orbs which are grenade like objects that can produce a variety of effects. These are the first steps towards the game’s sorcery system. You will be able to create 1 of 4 types of orbs: grease, fire, gas or water. You will have to capture an alchemist thrall, break them and put them to work in a Fireball Cauldron to give you the recipes for them. Water puts out fire, fire orbs explode on impact and leave a burning fire, grease orbs will cause slippery surfaces and can be ignited and gas orbs can be created with new puffer mushrooms to create poison.

For castle defense, they’ve added crenelated walls and siege cauldrons, elevators, and a drawbridge to help break siege attempts. The walls keep the climbers out, the cauldrons allow you to pour hot death on others and the elevators and drawbridge let you move about a lot more easily.

A bunch of other revisions and bugs have been fixed, and you can check out the full notes here for more. Conan Exiles is scheduled to release in full sometime this year for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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