Conan Exiles Early Access Development Update

Conan Exiles Early Access Development Update

Since it’s release on early access in January, Conan Exiles has been undergoing some regular updates to fix issues with the game, as well as bring new features to the players. In March they laid out a roadmap for future content and what players could expect going down the road. Let’s take a look at what they’ve added since then and what features they’re looking to add beyond and the existing features that they are planning to refine.

Here’s what they’ve added since early access launch:

  • A new dungeon called The Dregs, which is located in the sewers beneath the Unnamed City. It’s a dark area full of enemies and puzzles to solve with a particularly terrifying boss.
  • The Trebuchet war machine has been added. With this, you can hurl boulders and barrages at your foes and demolish their cities. Yay!
  • A  dyeing system has been added which allows you to dye any piece of armor and clothing. You can gather new resources and make dyes with them to customize your gear. Bright yellow loincloths anyone?
  • Mods can now be made via the Conan Exiles Dev kit which allows players to create new content on the Unreal 4 engine and share it with everyone.
  • New gear has been added with a bunch of new weapons and 2 new sets of armor. Some of what’s been added are maces, warhammers, a new sword, dagger, crossbow and more.
  • A ruin system has been implemented to reduce the ability to claim large swathes of land and grief other players. Basically building pieces will become abandoned after a while if the player who built them isn’t around, at which point they can be dismantled by anyone.
  • Server settings have been added via the in-game menu. This increases the amount of options for players looking for specific types of gameplay and settings as well as other like-minded players.
  • An exploit hunters program has been introduced to help key in on problems in the game, in exchange for rewards for helping.

Looking ahead they are looking to add some more new features  in the coming months. Some of what’s on the immediate agenda are mounts which includes taming, thrall AI and ability to rescue thralls as well as developing their features further. The sorcery system will also be taking its first steps as well as farming, more robust exploration, and sieging.

As for the existing features that will be getting a tweak, the combat system is going to be undergoing some changes to make it more tactical and interesting for players. AI for NPCs and thralls is going to also get some overhauls which they also hope helps with the hiccups in combat. The AI overall has been a something they have high on their priority list and is something that has come up from player feedback during this early access period.

Overall we can see that Funcom is being very responsive with player feedback during the early access stage and are implementing and prioritizing their future content rollouts based on what players want. If you’re interested in a survival sandbox with dedicated dev support, you may consider giving Conan Exiles’ early access a look. The game is schedule to release in full sometime in 2018.

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