Comedic RPG Healer’s Quest is out on Steam this month

Comedic RPG Healer’s Quest is out on Steam this month

Despite their obvious importance, healers are often underappreciated when it comes to adventuring parties. Well, Healer’s Quest seeks to give them the credit that they deserve.

Healer’s Quest is coming to Steam on April 18.

In this game, the healer is the only party member who can save the day. Your fellow heroes — bossy tank, smoking hot archer, depraved mage and perpetually outraged barbarian — are idiots. Without you keeping their health and mana topped up, they’d all die.

It makes a change for healers to be given the spotlight. The game’s lead developer, Pablo Coma, said that Healer’s Quest was made to cause a shift in perceptions:

“I wanted to place the player in the role that’s considered by most to be the least interesting one, and show that this role is at least as fun as the others” – Pablo Coma.

During the course of the game,  you’ll have the chance to master 22 different spells. You’ll also be able to work the skill trees to refine your playstyle and choose a karma alignment — evil, good or victim. So far, only a PC version has been announced. You’ll be able to purchase it on April 18 via Steam, Humble Bundle or

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