Code Vein Undergoing Polishing and Talks of Sequel

Code Vein Undergoing Polishing and Talks of Sequel

If you haven’t heard of Code Vein, the JRPG slated for late this year you must not like Dark Souls or live under a rock. Bandai Namco have been consistently showing off gameplay of the game, trailers, and now aiming to improve opportunities for players to have more playtime with the title.

Code Vein Nearing Completion

In the latest issue of Famitsu, there was an article that was about Code Vein‘s development. It seems that the game is nearing completion with the team paying attention to properly polish the game. While we still have no release date for this game, the development team is working diligently to have the game available for the public soon.

Producer Keita Iizuka hopes fans are looking forward to the game release. He also states that he would like to have a sequel in order to show off more of the world through different points of view and locations. Mr. Iizuka would use the accumulated knowledge of creating and developing Code Vein to further enrich the overall experience and the world of Code Vein.

Lastly, a new artwork snapshot is shown with a male character overlooking the old world overrun with thorns and ruin alongside Mia.

You can also find some footage of gameplay Bandai Namco’s official Youtube channel:

Code Vein is already available to pre-order on Amazon for those who don’t want to miss out on getting their copy first, available for PS4 and Xbox One.

If you enjoy reading about Code Vein be sure to check out the Code Vein Wiki, the preview and about what Bandai Namco have been up to, you can read about their plans for mobile gaming.


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2 comments on “Code Vein Undergoing Polishing and Talks of Sequel”

  1. Avatar PrimeraEspada91 says:

    its looking better more and more they reveal of it. i really like the snow crumple sound effect

  2. Avatar Fallenangel700 says:

    Nearing completion? Sounds good. I hope we get it soon. Maybe this summer?
    Personally, I think it’s a bit early to be talking about a sequel, but if the game is good it will be welcome.
    That gameplay was neat. This is the first time I’ve seen that wolf head veil in action, and it’s really cool!

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