Code Vein Trailer Features Eva Roux

Code Vein Trailer Features Eva Roux

A new character trailer features companion Eva Roux who mysteriously regains her voice after being rescued by Jack Rutherford.

Code Vein Trailer Features Eva Roux

The latest trailer for Code Vein focuses on companion character Eva Roux. Before the release was delayed, Bandai Namco released a few character trailers, featuring different companions found in-game which included Louis, Yakumo Shinome, and Mia Karnstein.

It looks like they’re picking up where they left off with spotlighting Eva. We previously had a few screenshots of Eva which were released in Famitsu last year.

Eva is found after being rescued by Jack Rutherford, once again regaining her voice, paying back her gratitude with loyalty and fighting by his side. However, she is part of the opposite faction according to an article by Gematsu, but will still appear to fight with you and Jack during some occurrences using a Bayonet Rifle. But it seems she not 100% back to normal, as she can no longer sing.

You can check out Eva in action below:

Code Vein will release on September 27th on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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