CODE VEIN “Story Trailer” TGS 2017

CODE VEIN “Story Trailer” TGS 2017

The upcoming anime-soulsborne ARPG, CODE VEIN  receives a new trailer courtesy of Bandai Namco.

CODE VEIN – Blood… More Blood…

In this new trailer, we’re shown the game’s dark lore and introduces us to its world as well as what’s at stake for its inhabitants.

It also features a couple of new characters, including a mysterious “Queen” whose true nature remains unknown, and so called ‘Blood Beads’ that’s driving the world.

You can catch a glimpse of the lore within CODE VEIN  in the recent trailer, below:

CODE VEIN  will release on the PS4, Xbox One and PC in early 2018.

Fextralife had the opportunity to interview developers Keita Iizuka and Hiroshi Yoshimura, CODE VEIN‘s  Producer and Director at TGS 2017.

Furthermore, we have over an hour of hands-on playthrough which you can watch, as well as 10 new things we learned you may not have known about the title that may surprise you.

Visit the CODE VEIN wiki

If you would like to see how CODE VEIN  relates to Dark Souls  in a summarized fashion, you can check out this batch of GIFs showcasing CODE VEIN‘s gameplay in action!

For more on the Tokyo Game Show, you can keep up at TGS 2017!

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One comment on “CODE VEIN “Story Trailer” TGS 2017”

  1. Avatar Fallenangel700 says:

    Wow, this is good. Mia fighting Yokumo (I think that’s his name…) and Louis fighting that white haired dude, and there’s that Queen person. I thought it would just be revenants vs lost the entire time, but this will add a nice mix up to the story.

    Edit: I thought of some things. One: If revenants are fighting each other over those blood drops, then that could be expanded into an invasion style pvp system.
    Two: That area looked just like the IGN demo. So much for the “this was personally made for the demo”.

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