Code Vein Gameplay: Looking more like Dark Souls & Bloodborne

Code Vein Gameplay: Looking more like Dark Souls & Bloodborne

Today IGN revealed that they will be getting exclusive first footage of Bandai Namco’s upcoming Code Vein. The game is scheduled to be portrayed and capture-friendly for TGS 2017, but curious souls fans need not wait that long. Check out the screens and gifs below if you don’t have time to watch the full video!

Code Vein: Bandai’s SoulsBorne

For the confused, Code Vein is not a FromSoftware title, and its creation and publishing does not mean this is the next “Souls” game.

The title is being developed by the internal Bandai Namco team behind God Eater, and features a mix of souls-like mechanics with anime style graphics.

During the gameplay by IGN, we get to see some interesting mechanics that are very reminiscent of Bloodborne and Dark Souls, particularly in animations and character movements.

Dark Souls Drop-Down attacks



Bloodborne’s Charge Attacks



That Rolling and Lock-on


Yep, that’s familiar

Is that a Soul Arrow animation?



Those slow ladders


Oh look, a ladder! And shinies in the distance

Bonfires! (With “rest” prompt)


Yup, a bonfire!

Retrieve your “Souls” after Death


“Retrieve your lost Haize” (ヘイズ)

There’ll be more content coming out this month, particularly as Bandai Namco is scheduling events around TGS. In the meantime, you can check out the Code Vein Wiki, see some code vein screenshots, meet the characters.



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10 comments on “Code Vein Gameplay: Looking more like Dark Souls & Bloodborne”

  1. Avatar qeter says:

    it looks like this game will be capable of standing on its own. souls like is a descriptor here not a crutch.

    drop attacks? already better than dks3.

  2. Avatar Fexelea says:


    I have booked interviews for TGS – so please feel free to add your questions before September 19th

  3. Avatar qeter says:

    any plans for online?
    weapon diversity?
    game length?
    number of companions?
    amount of armor?
    will it have a sequel or be a full experience?
    new game+?
    dlc plans?

  4. Avatar Fallenangel700 says:

    Jeez man, leave some questions for us! :lol: Love that last one, btw.

    Is that glove looking thing the only one we get, or will we be able to get more? (Like the girl's stinger tail, or the guy's wolf jacket.)
    Those gifts (Spells) on the right, are those changeable, or are we stuck with those 8? If we can change them, are there any really crazy/fun ones?
    I like how everyone, even the enemies, can use the focus meter. How much does that impact the movesets?
    How will ammo work on the rifles?
    How destructible is the environment? The video show crates and large glass tanks being broken. Can we destroy bigger things or is that about it?
    How extensive is character customization?
    When the player died, his character said something so we clearly have a voice. Do we have dialog options or is it just battle talk?
    Will there ever be a God Eater Easter egg? A God Arc as a joke weapon would be amazing. :lol:

  5. Avatar PrimeraEspada91 says:

    will this be pve only? or can we coop with friends
    will actions affect the story

  6. montyuk says:

    just two questions that i’m interested to know, is there co-op and when can i buy it!!! it looks great fun

  7. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Follow up with Famitsu details On this article

  8. Avatar Fallenangel700 says:

    The more I hear about this game, the louder my inner fan-girl gets. I love it.
    And that article answers a fair amount of questions. Awesome.

  9. Avatar Fallenangel700 says:” rel=”nofollow
    Interview, for lack of a better word, with the devs.
    Basic Summary:
    The story and side stories will have meaningful choices for the player to make that effect the outcome. Each companion will have their own story, and the devs want players to get invested emotionally in the companions.
    The game has a class system called Blood Codes. Blood Codes sound like they can be swapped out on the fly and that they can be leveled up independent of each other. I dare say that it sounds a little like Dragon’s Dogma’s vocations.
    The devs also talk a lot about difficulty. They want the game to be challenging but not for players to get discouraged. They put enough options in the game for players to be able to try a bunch of different things should they run up against a wall.

  10. eldritcheagle says:

    As a major fan of anything even remotely Dark Souls-related, I don’t see the comparison between Code Vein and the Souls series as anything bad as long as there are new features that still differentiate the game as being ‘new’.
    Despite the different art style, there are multiple obvious overlaps in terms of the gameplay mechanics and stylization (specifically with both presenting a dystopian fantasy setting, medieval-type weaponry and magic of some form). I think you’ve captured the prime culprits extremely well in the provided gifs, particularly the ‘slow ladder climb’ which I find is potentially the most direct link between the games as I immediately feel the nostalgia of playing Dark Souls as I watch the snail-like ascent.

    Personally my only concern with the game is what differs from Dark Souls: the choice of setting! Not that I expect or want a Souls clone, but whereas Dark Souls always had somewhat drab or somber environments, they had a natural charm owing to the vast range of locations and clever combination of ancient ruins with the harsh natural landscape. The focus of most screenshots/gameplay/gifs of Code Vein appear to be centered on ‘modern’ ruins, which I feel would be great as a segment of exploration, however if the majority of the gameplay occurs within this setting I don’t know if a high variance in enemy encounters or a gripping storyline would be enough to counter the monotony of a single persistent setting.

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