Code Vein DLC Frozen Empress Launch Trailer

Code Vein DLC Frozen Empress Launch Trailer

Bandai Namco have released a launch trailer for Code Vein’s second major DLC called Frozen Empress which is now available.

Code Vein DLC Frozen Empress Launch Trailer

Another sneaky release, Bandai Namco have now launched the next major DLC for Code Vein called Frozen Empress. The DLC is available separately for $9.99 or as part of the Season Pass for $24.99.

Frozen Empress

The addition introduces the an ice wielding foe known as the Frozen Empress who can use ice-elemental attacks with their cold iron armor. Accompanying the Empress’ attacks are two crystals that on occasion will trigger support effects. Players can block these support effects by using weapons and Gifts.

Horror Hunting Trials

Clearing the Horror Hunting Trials will grant players with bonuses, but there are certain requirements during the battle against the “Frozen Empress” that will need to be completed.


  • Mia/Yakumo in Dark version, Another version (three color variations are available for Another Version costumes). Venture forth with your partner wearing a different costume.
  • Blood Code “Ymir” reproducing the power of Frozen Empress
    • Blood code with the strong ice-elemental Gift like Frozen Empress.
    • Gift: Frost Turrent – Creates a frozen condensed mass that periodically shoots out ice shards.
    • Gift: Hoarfrost Stream – Shoots freezing beams of light in all directions, sweeping down any foes in their way.
    • The sealed Gifts can be unlocked by obtaining the bonus, “Ymir Frostcore” of the “Horror Hunting Trials”.
  • Weapons and Blood Veils affected by Frozen Empress
    • Four kinds of new weapons are available with the downloadable content “Frozen Empress.” Bayonet, Two-handed sword, Halberd, and Hammer affected by Hoarfrost appear imbued in frigid cold. Charged attack can add the ice element to a weapon.
    • There are two kinds of Blood Veils. Each has great abilities with high elemental defense power and stats scaling.
  • Face Paint and Upgrade materials.
    • You can obtain new items such as accessories of the blood code theme available in the downloadable content “Frozen Empress” in addition to the face paints and accessories using Mia’s and Yakumo’s character icons and blood codes as motifs.

Celestrial Ice Prison

Frozen Empress downloadable content also introduces a new Depth that is paved in ice, a multi-layer structure with caves and stone pillars. Just like the other areas of Code Vein, the Lost are lying in wait, with plenty of items and hidden places to uncover. Tread carefully as there could be a few surprises. Gain the map by entering the room located on the path extending from the “Crypt Spire” to “Provisional Government Outskirts.”

New Items

There are also new items to be found through your journey these include:

  • Pollux Core Fragment – Blood code with strong vitality and strength, good with a powerful frontal assault. Offensive blood code with strong vitality (HP) and balance, striking down enemies by force utilizing its strength.
    • Steadfast Strike – Delivers a single strike that is highly resistant to staggering.
    • Usurper’s Blade – Slash at an enemy and recover HP.
  • Asclepius Vestige – Blood code available to obtain the Gift specialized in the support ability assisting the partner. You can see one of Memory Echoes of the Successor who sealed a horror.
    • Offensive Order – Temporarily lowers your defense and increases attack power for both you and your partner.

Each DLC contains one Memory Echo and you can collect all by purchasing all DLCs or owning the Season Pass.

Code Vein is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Frozen Empress is now available and is the second DLC to release for the Season Pass.

Don’t forget you can pick up Code Vein in the Big in Japan Sale on Playstation 4. You can also check out more details of the the previous DLC in Hellfire Knight. For more details about the Season Pass find it here Code Vein’s DLC Content Arrives In Early 2020.


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One comment on “Code Vein DLC Frozen Empress Launch Trailer”

  1. Avatar Fallenangel700 says:

    Huh, I can’t tell what Aragami that is just from the trailer. Looks like another fun fight though.

    The environment looks good again, I just hope the level’s bigger than the Hellfire Knight’s level. (Great level, just way too short)

    Not gonna lie, Mia’s new outfits are cute. Glad she ditched the hat. Yakumo’s are not that great though. He already had a military look to him, so I wish his new outfits deviated from that.

    The new gifts look like fun, as always.

    Shame that the weapons are just Cerberus weapons but with ice. And it looks like there are no new enemies aside from the boss, which is another let down.

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