Code Vein confirms Weapons and Armor Upgrades

Code Vein confirms Weapons and Armor Upgrades

The official Twitter account for Code Vein has shared some new screenshots that confirm that the upcoming vampiric RPG will feature weapon and armor upgrading.

Code Vein Weapons & Gear Upgrades

Obtain and Strengthen Weapons – Players can collect weapons in the dungeon areas. Strengthen weapons with special assets and Haze.

The screenshots depict the pickup of the Bardiche weapon, and a “Strengthen” menu for a Halberd-type called “Bisecting Garnet” at what is likely a blacksmith shop. The upgrade costs 600 Haze (Code Vein’s equivalent of Souls) and 1x “Queen Iron“, confirming an ore system.

The upgrade screen reveals a bit more about the weapons, demonstrating that they have both attack and defense attributes that are very similar to Dark Souls. Additionally, weight and damage types of “Cut / Thrust / Blunt” make the weapon setting familiar.

Some new additions specific of this game come in the form of Vampiric Ability enhancement and resistances.


Picking up the Bardiche Polearm from a chest in Code Vein


The “Bisectional Garnet” is a Cut / Thrust weapon with high Physical and some Blood Damage


This Jacket-like Vampiric Equipment provides physical and Blood damage while enhancing vampiric abilities

Whilst many players are now focusing on the Dark Souls Remaster, the upcoming Bandai Namco Soulslike is a promising deviation, that we are very much looking forward to it thanks to our hands-on playthrough with the game.

We had the opportunity to interview CODE VEIN‘s  Producer Keita Iizuka and Director Hiroshi Yoshimura at TGS 2017, you may want to check it out

If you would like to see how CODE VEIN  relates to Dark Souls  in a summarized fashion, you can check out this batch of GIFs showcasing CODE VEIN‘s  gameplay in action!


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  1. Avatar PrimeraEspada91 says:

    interesting :thinking:

  2. Avatar Valvatorez says:

    I am really looking forward to Code Vein. I have a good "Bauch gefühl" as its called in germany (I don’t know how its called in english. Gut feeling maybe?) about this game and its usually right about that kind of stuff. It protected me from games like No Mans Sky and gave me games like Odin Sphere so I am going to trust it on this one. :)

  3. Avatar Fallenangel700 says:

    Wait, does that say that the jacket raises your damage? That makes sense I suppose because you use your clothes when doing a blood veil attack. Should be interesting in practice.

  4. rafoca says:

    Looks too fun to be single player only. I hope they add co-op. No co-op no buy

  5. ameliaharry654 says:

    I really enjoy playing single player.

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