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Code Vein Builds: Immortal Blade (100% Block)

In this Code Vein Build Guide we’ll explore just exactly how you make the Immortal Blade Build. How do you get the most from your Weapons, Blood Veils, your Blood Code, and your Gifts? Well that’s exactly what we’re going to cover, and how they all fit together to define your character’s “Tank” Build.

When you first begin playing Code Vein it can be a bit overwhelming. The explanations are there to a degree, but there is a ton of numbers and information to wade through, and none is really necessary to begin playing. So if you’re like me, you put it aside and set about killing enemies until you get stuck. But when you have a problem what do you do? Well that’s what this Guide is here for!

Code Vein Builds: Immortal (100% Block)

If you wish to play a “Tank” Build in Code Vein then you will be focusing heavily on your Defense and Balance, so that you can take hits and keep on swinging. You will also need high Strength, since it not only adds damage to your attacks, but also increases your max HP. Vitality and Fortitude are also important, as these stats improve physical and elemental defense, so make sure you have a good amount.


Immortal Blade Blood Codes

Your Blood Code is going to be the backbone of your Build, and will determine how “Tanky” you are. In this section we’re going to take a look at some of the early game Blood Codes that work well for the Tank archetype. Let’s begin with Fighter, since it’s the first one you get.


Fighters are in the middle of the pack for warrior archetypes though they have the strongest Light Gifts, and have a decent amount of Ichor. They stagger easily, due to low Balance (Poise), and have low HP by comparison, meaning they are not suited for Tanking in the long term. Swap out this Blood Code for Berserker as soon as you get it if you wish to Tank.


Berserker, like Atlas, is intended for a slower tankier warrior type of player, which is exactly what we’re looking for. It features high HP, and tons of Weight so that you can use heavier Weapons and Armor, and still roll as Normal with the right setup. Its high amount of Balance allows you to take hits without being interrupted, which is outstanding. It also has the most Stamina of any Blood Code you’ll find for a very long time, allowing you to attack, block and dodge longer without issues, though only a bit more than Atlas. Use this Blood Code until you gain Atlas.


Atlas gives you the tankiest setup you can get until much later in the game, with a solid amount of damage output to boot. It has the highest HP, Weight and Balance of any Blood Code in the first half of Code Vein. Once you get it, use this one until you get more advanced Tank Blood Codes like Isis or Fionn, and have to decide if you wish to sacrifice hard hitting weapon attacks for some spells.

You can use other early game Blood Codes to tank, but you may find it more difficult. The lack of Balance, Stamina and max HP that they generally have, mean that you cannot tank as effectively, before you’ll be forced to dodge or likely die. If you plan to Block just some of the time, then consider using any of the others.

Immortal Blade Blood Veils

When selecting your Blood Veil you’ll want to pay attention to Balance, Defense and Weight. These three things, besides the requirements, will determine which is the best for you to use at the moment. The more Balance you have, the less likely you’ll be interrupted when attacking and you can just trade blows if needed. The higher your Defense the less damage you will take from attacks of various types when not Blocking, and these will vary a bit from Blood Veil to Blood Veil. Lastly, Weight will impact your Mobility, and you may want to have Normal rolls. If this isn’t an issue and you plan to “tank” every attack, then don’t worry too much about this.


Note that upgrading your Blood Veil with Queen Iron and Queen Steel doesn’t increase their Defense or Balance, only their Drain Attack damage and Gift effectiveness. However, you can Transform it into a Fortification version to increase both of these things in exchange for increased Weight. If you’re already “fat rolling” anyway, might as well be harder to kill. You’ll need an Atlas Chrome in order to do this, and you can get these from Exchanging with Yakumo.

Immortal Blade Weapons

There are no Shields in Code Vein, so you will have to block with your weapon instead. Two-Handed Weapons generally have more Defense, so you will likely use one, though there are a few exceptions like the Broadsword. Two-Handed Weapons hit like a truck, but have a much slower swing, increasing the odds of interruption. This is where Balance comes in. It allows you to trade hits and keep swinging until you gain the upper hand.

Another good reason to use Two-Handed Weapons is that there is a delay after Blocking before you can swing, and One-Handed Weapons sometimes don’t have the reach needed to come out of a Block and still hit an enemy. Two-Handed Weapons have this issue much less often, allowing you to go on the offensive more easily. The choice is yours regardless, but Two-Handed Weapons are my recommendation.

Fortified Zweihander

Much like Blood Veils, upgrading your Weapon doesn’t improve its Defense. However, you should also consider Transforming your Weapon into a Fortification version in order to increase both its damage and Defense in exchange for increased Weight.

Immortal Blade Gifts

Gifts initially can only be used with the Blood Code that they are part of, but as you use them in combat you will “master” them, and then you can use them with any Blood Code. There are both passive and active Gifts, and I’ll cover which are good in both categories for Tank Builds. You can only have 4 Passive Gifts equipped at one time, and 8 Active. Let’s begin with the recommended Passives first:

Immortal Blade Passive Gifts

  • Stamina Boost – Located within Ranger, it increases your overall Stamina which assists with Blocking and Attacking. A very good early game Passive.
  • Balance Up – Balance in Code Vein is like Poise in Dark Souls. The more you have, the less likely it is that you will be staggered or interrupted when struck. You can never have enough of this, particularly if you use a weapon with a longer wind up. One of the best overall Gifts for a Tank.
  • Resilient Focus – This is a must for Tanks, because it increases the speed your Focus gauge will fill. You want to be Focused as much as possible as it reduces damage taken and how easily you are Staggered. This Passive goes a long way.
  • Two-Handed Sword Mastery – Excellent if you wish to use a Two-Handed Sword, as it increases your damage with them. Not great for “tanking” per se, but does boost damage, which never hurts.
  • Guard Stability – Because you will be struck often as a Tank, this will allow you to Block against multiple enemies when Focused. This Passive works better in multiplayer where you can hold off an onslaught where your partner burns them down.

Immortal Blade Active Gifts

  • Iron Will – This Gift will increase your Defenses significantly for a short time, reducing damage you take. It’s a good when you know you might take some big hits.
  • Royal Heart – An excellent way to increase your Stagger resistance so you can keep on swinging.
  • Guard Reversal – This Gift allows you to deflect attacks you Block for a short time, giving you an opening to counter attack more easily. And excellent ability, particularly for those One-Handed Weapon Tanks.

Final Tips

Playing a Tank is not an easy thing to do, and you need to gear properly, and to learn the attacks of enemies and watch for openings. Because you will take chip damage from Blocking it has a bit of a steeper learning curve, but you can offset this via high HP and Defense. Additionally, you can use the Zweihander for a 100% physical damage reduction while Blocking. If you want to take no damage while Blocking most attacks, it’s definitely the Weapon to use.

Don’t forget to use Skill Gifts and attack with them when appropriate. You will hit like a truck when playing a Tank, and you need to kill enemies with powerful attacks. You can’t just sit and Block forever or you will eventually die. Block the initial barrage, then counter with Skill Gifts and finish enemies quickly.


Lastly, you can still Dodge with this Build and there may be times when it is more beneficial to do so. For instance, rolling through an attack may position you perfectly for a Backstab and you can get some free damage and a chance to heal or regain a bit of Ichor. Some enemy attacks cannot be Blocked successfully, so learn what these are and dodge them instead.

Stay tuned for more Code Vein Build Guides and be sure to check out our Getting Started Guide if you have basic questions or confusions about the game!

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5 responses to “Code Vein Builds: Immortal Blade (100% Block)”

  1. I rather enjoy this Immortal Blade guide, and would like to see a detailed version of it with the advanced tank bloodcode Fionn. There’s just something so satisfying about blocking a hit and then countering with huge damage.

  2. I used Atlas as a tank dps blanced build, I had the Blanched greatsword and GXH storm as a variant. Both weapon and veil with fortification.

    Weapon is an A scaling and with STR/vit passive you’ll be at an S in both vit and str.
    Using balance and 2h mastery passives and can use hp or stam as your 4th if needed.

    Skills use; blow of madness, flashing fang, adrenaline, bridge to glory and any elemental buffs as well.
    problem with atlas is requiring to use drains to hit 30 ichor max.

    So i swapped to Demeter, 30 base ichor and all important stats at A or A+ with same set up. If you also beat the game and use the king’s 2h, your dps in NG(haven’t tested NG+) even when deleveled can still take mido from 90-80% down to 30-35% before he starts phase 2 in a single combo especially with the host player’s set of buffed stacked on top of your own while using dragon lunge.

  3. Tank build sounds nice but would it be difficult to use this as a base for a more common “2-Handed DPS Build” like Strength/Quality Build in Soulsborne games? What kind of changes should be done to the build?

    Now when there are guides for Tank and Caster the 3rd build should definitely be for “2-Handed DPS Build”.

  4. Nevermind
    It is in chest beside main battlefield checkpoint in memories of player.
    I just used a fortification and alot of queen steel for gxh geyser veil…. So frustrated.. this could have been avoided if I’d have waited just a bit longer,

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