CLOSERS – ‘Yuri’ Character Showcase!

En Masse Entertainment and Naddic Games’ upcoming free to play online action-RPG: CLOSERS,  has a pair of new trailers which sheds light on another member of the ‘Black Lambs’ team.

CLOSERS – ‘Yuri’ Showcase

Meet Yuri, one of the playable characters from a team of psychics,  called the Black Lambs. She is a RANGER-type class, who is a fast and nimble fighter, wielding both a gun and a sword in battle. The first trailer, which you can watch above, unveils her tragic backstory.

Yuri’s Phase Force manifested later than normal and shattered her dreams of becoming a professional athlete, but awakened her desire to support her family in civil service…as a Closer for the Black Lambs.

Previously, we met ‘Sylvi’, a knife expert and leader of the Black Lambs, who is another playable character in CLOSERS.

You can check out Yuri’s gun and blade RANGER gameplay in action, below:

CLOSERS  is a free-to-play title launching on PC for North America and Europe, in Fall 2017. The game is currently in Beta testing and you can sign up here!

If you’d like more, you can check out the CLOSERS  announcement trailer!

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