Classes of Heroes: Anniversary Edition Coming to Nintendo Switch

Classes of Heroes: Anniversary Edition Coming to Nintendo Switch

Acquire have announced they are releasing an anniversary version of  turn-based JRPG Class of Heroes for the Nintendo Switch. This special edition will be available April 26th and included rare images and background music.

Classes of Heroes: Anniversary Edition on Nintendo Switch

Class of Heroes: Anniversary Edition will release on April 26th on the Japan Nintendo eShop for 2,759 Yen, giving all Class of Heroes’ fans a chance to play this RPG series again.

The anniversary edition will also include rare images from the game and music. This RPG features a dungeon based arena with a turn-based combat style in first-person. The game was first made available for PSP back in 2008 for Japan and 2009 for North America, published by Atlus. The original website is still up and hasn’t change much since the original game was released.

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