Citadel: Forged With Fire “The Forsaken Crypt” Expansion Live!

Citadel: Forged With Fire “The Forsaken Crypt” Expansion Live!

Cadana-based indie developer Blue Isle Studios, has released their first major add-on called “The Forsaken Crypt” for their Citadel: Forged With Fire  MMORPG.

Citadel: The Forsaken Crypt – Live!

Mysteriously and without warning, three ancient mausoleums have emerged on Ignus. Originally built to honor the mighty Wizard Kings who once ruled the land, these formerly palatial fortresses have since fallen into disrepair.

The latest expansion is now available for download and is quite the massive one. As it includes three large Citadels for players to explore, with each featuring an area-specific Armor set and a host of adversaries to face as well.

citadel forged with fire

The following are details on The Forsaken Crypt expansion’s Citadel stages and Armor sets :

  • Three new endgame boss caves:
    • Phoenix Spirit Citadel: Players will travel through the remains of a once pristine white marble palace that has been ravaged by the passage of time.
    • Dragon’s Heart Citadel: A once beautiful city, filled with meticulous architecture was destroyed by a volcanic disturbance sometime between the end of the reign of Wizards Kings and your arrival to Ignus.
    • Blood Soul Citadel: A rustic fortress that once had a stable, temperate climate is now forbiddingly frigid and encased in jagged ice.
  • Three Unique Citadel-specific  Armor Sets:
    • Dracul Armor Set: Armor forged in flame that harnesses the power of the ancient volcano that destroyed Dragon’s Heart Citadel and provides defense against even the biggest bosses.
    • Pyrant Armor Set: Exudes a frigid aura, but provides warmth when worn, the armor set is laid out by the icy demonic presence from the depths of Blood Soul Citadel, providing a variety of stat bonuses to the wizards who are strong enough and persistent enough to acquire it.
    • Helios Armor Set: Armor from the twin Phoenixes whose home you are invading in the Phoenix Spirit Citadel, a transcendent power that pulsates from this glorious set can defeat even the most indomitable creatures, and experience their heavenly power.

You can also watch the trailer to Citadel‘s  The Forsaken Crypt expansion found below:

And if you’d like to know more about this MMORPG, you can check out our Early Access review on Citadel: Forge With Fire.

Citadel: Forged With Fire  is currently available for PC via Early Access on Steam. While its major expansion, The Forsaken Crypt, is now live.

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