Chucklefish Release Trailer for Upcoming RPG Eastward

Chucklefish Release Trailer for Upcoming RPG Eastward

From the publishers who made Stardew Valley happen, comes a new game announcement for Eastward, an apocalyptic looking adventure game with nineties Japanese inspired animation.

Chucklefish Announce Eastward

Pixpil are the ones behind this unique looking RPG, pixel art look with definite Studio Ghibli vibes. Working with the publisher Chucklefish who developed Starbound  and Wargroove, as well as the publisher of Risk of Rain, Stardew Valley and StarmancerEastward seems to fall into Chucklefish’s wheelhouse when it comes to pixel art adventure games.

The characters are cute and “quirky” in nature which contrasts the backdrop of this end of the world decaying city. The game is set to include puzzle solving and dungeon elements, with single player with dual-character adventure.

Hong Moran’s intricate pixel designs was what this game is built around, together with Pixpil’s love of Mother and The Legend of Zelda, forms this story driven RPG.

The release date for Eastward is yet to be announced, but will be coming to PC and Mac with tentative plans to release on console depending on demand.

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