The Chronicles of Nyanya CRPG New Trailer Revealed!

The Chronicles of Nyanya CRPG New Trailer Revealed!

Developer Hamstercube and publisher Fat Dog Games released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming cat-themed indie CRPG, The Chronicles of Nyanya.

The Chronicles of Nyanya – Nyaa~

An epic tale of cats in funny costumes. Full of surprising and amazing twists and drama of an individual entangled in the vicissitudes of a student internship and adventures featuring friendly pastry.

The new footage features full-on cat puns and shows off the game’s exploration and battle gameplay, with charming party members like Catniss, Catair and Meowdedore among others.

The new teaser trailer to The Chronicles of Nyanya  can be checked out, below:

You can visit The Chronicles of Nyanya’s  Steam page here to learn more.

The Chronicles of Nyanya  will launch on November 17, 2017 for PC via Steam.

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One comment on “The Chronicles of Nyanya CRPG New Trailer Revealed!”

  1. ckmishn says:

    I miss While I went elsewhere for licensed anime (if I can get it legally I generally do) and for whole seasons of unlicensed fansubbed anime, they were a great source for new unlicensed anime like Macross Delta. It’s a shame they just disappeared one day.

    Also, yes, I did notice the similarity between Nyanya and Narnia.

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