Check Out Elex Working on Razer Chroma & Some Scenic Screenshots

Check Out Elex Working on Razer Chroma & Some Scenic Screenshots

Upcoming Sci-Fi/Fantasy RPG Elex from developer Piranha Bytes and publisher THQ Nordic is going to be featuring support of Razer’s Chroma hardware for PC. The Chroma line of hardware features colored lights that serve as visual cues for players and games like Overwatch are increasingly featuring support that integrates these cues with the gameplay. You can check out Elex’s video below of the integration:

The gameplay footage in the video is in pre-alpha and is not indicative of the final product. Check out these screenshots for a much more updated look at how the game’s development is coming along:

Elex will take players to a world devastated by a meteor that also brought with it a powerful substance called elex, that has enormous implications for the fate of the world. You will choose an alliance with one of the game’s factions and use your sci-fi and fantasy inspired weapons and armor as you engage in dynamic quests across the world. Check out our hands-on preview for more.

Elex is scheduled to release sometime in mid 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Keep checking back for updates!

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