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Genshin Impact Characters Tier Lists: Reverse Vaporize (Pyro)

The free to play ARPG, Genshin Impact, has now been out for a while. As a gacha game, some of the frequently asked questions are about characters. Whether it’s about how to build them, how to team them up together, and more importantly, how they rank up compared to each other. Or in other words, Character Tier lists. The importance of tier lists in gacha games come from the limited access to characters. By merely playing the game daily, you are guaranteed some premium currency called Primogems to pull or to use on Wishes on banners.

But that’s it, the Primogems are a finite amount if you are a free-to-play player, so its important to do some decision making and think carefully before spending them. Even for those who decide to invest a little, it’s good to know which characters to go after and have a plan. At the very least, you want to spend them on characters that matter, or ones that will be beneficial to your team. We will help you answer these questions, with our Fextralife Genshin Impact Character Tier List Reverse Vaporize.

Genshin Impact Character Tier List: Reverse Vaporize

Genshin Impact offers a big world to explore, with a huge roster of 31 characters at the time of the creation of this character tier list (version 1.5), the latest being Yanfei and upcoming Eula being added soon making that 32 playable characters in total (33 if you count the main character).

To properly give every Character a fair chance of representation, I’ve decided to split characters by the roles they can play in a party, the most unique aspect of every character, and the elemental reaction they are capable of causing. Since most enemies in-game are either immune, resistant, or weak against certain elemental reactions, that would be the main focal point for our version of tier lists. Tier Lists can be slightly subjective at times, due to personal preference when it comes to playstyle, but we will way up the good and the bad in our rankings so you have a better understanding of how we got there.

We will take into consideration the amount of damage a character can inflict, the frequency of applying said element, and the accessibility of the character. So for five-star characters, we judge characters based on their Zero Constellation (C Zero). Any five-star characters that require more constellations to function will be ranked lower than characters that give their whole kit from the get-go. For four-star characters however, since they frequently appear in different banners with an up-rate, and are easier to obtain, they will be judged accordingly. This is why I’m ranking four-star characters based on what they can achieve with  C1, C2, or C4, sometimes even on C6 performance in certain cases.

So while you navigate our tier list, note it doesn’t represent the maximum potential of each character, but rather a sum of different factors, including accessibility. Each of our tier lists may vary slightly due to their purpose so read on for our Reverse Vaporize list. With that settled, let’s get going.

What is Reverse Vaporize

Vaporize is a highly sought archetype team in Genshin Impact, as its main use is to deal a massive amount of damage. So characters in this Vaporize tier list are ranked based on their total raw damage per second (DPS).

It’s an Amplifying Reaction, which happens when Hydro meets Pyro, or vice versa. Basically, when Hydro is the proccing element, it amplifies the proccing hit by a 2X damage multiplier. In this case, it’s normally called “vaporize”. However, when Pyro procs the reaction, it amplifies the proccing hit by 1.5X, and is known as “Reverse Vaporize”.

Even though it has a lower multiplier, the highest damage teams in the entire game are based around Reverse Vaporize. This is because the Hydro element in the Vaporize setup always affects monsters for a longer duration than Pyro. So it’s easier to proc the reaction with the less frequent element among the two, which is Pyro. In other words, with Pyro being the proccing element, we are able to cause Vaporize much more often than the other way around.

Diluc (SSS Rank)

It’s a recurring theme in Genshin Impact where Claymore users are fairly easy to play as main DPS as they are fairly straightforward, and don’t need any complicated combos. Also, the available selection of four and five stars weapons for Claymore users are quite varied, with very powerful options coming from both gacha and from the Blacksmith with free-to-play crafting. But Diluc‘s kit is much more than that, as he comes with three uses of his Elemental Skill. Each use generates a Pyro Elemental particle, so Diluc can recharge his Elemental Burst or (ultimate) much faster, and it helps his Pyro support teammates with Recharging Energy as well.

Overall modifiers for Diluc‘s skills are also pretty high, be it his Normal Attack, Elemental Skill, or Elemental Burst. In addition to that, the Energy cost of his Elemental Burst is in the lowest tier (costing 40 Energy). It also deals damage several times over and converts all his Normal Attacks to the Pyro element, which is a major factor to be able to vaporize all his hits.

The pros for Diluc’s vaporize teams are just endless, because not only does he have access to one of the most powerful DPS Artifacts in the game Crimson Witch of Flames, but he is also the only character in this list that can utilize the 4-Piece bonus to its full potential. This is all down to the fact he has three uses of the elemental skill, and the set bonus stacks every time he uses an elemental skill, for an even bigger damage modifier.


Diluc is a five-star character, which is available through the standard banner, or through the limited character banner but with no special up-rate (unless stated). As a free-to-play player, you don’t usually target pulling Diluc, because there’s not a high chance of getting him. Diluc‘s Reverse Vaporize teams have dominated the meta for quite some time since the game launched, and the only competition he sees comes from the recently added characters like Hu Tao and Ganyu. But even then, he beats them with ease of use, so the amount of difficulty to acquire him is somewhat understandable.

Ideal Diluc Vaporize Team

All you need for a Diluc Reverse Vaporize team to work is a Xingqiu support, to apply all Hydro needed for vaporize to happen. Other Hydro options such as Barbara or Mona being the less desirable choice for Hydro application. Then you can emphasize on Fire Elemental resonance with another Pyro unit, ideally Bennett, or Xiangling. The fourth spot can be either a second Hydro, Anemo character (specially not Venti, because Venti’s Ultimate knocks enemies high up in the air, and Diluc can’t hit them) with Viridescent Venerer. Otherwise, ditch the second Pyro teammate for two Geo characters instead, with Zhongli being one of them.

Klee (SS Rank)

To get this out of the way, Klee has more raw damage than Diluc. If you gear both up and go solo without any party, Klee will simply have a better score. But when putting together a team, Klee faces two problems that brings her down a single rank lower than Diluc in Vaporize teams. First, she applies insane amounts of Pyro element, that even Xingqiu can’t keep up with, with his off-field Hydro application. You will easily start having Hydro be the proccing element, and lose all Vaporize damage from her hits. She is also way harder to master, with her unique charged attack pattern and the amount of player skill required to play her. If you want a good build and want to learn Klees moves be sure to check out our Genshin Impact Build: Klee The Short Fuse.

She is still very very deadly, but you will constantly feel that you can get much more damage with better rotations, faster execution, or better timing. You see, she has so many hits with all high and low damage, you can easily do one single extra normal attack, and you end up vaporizing the smaller hit and not vaporizing the heavy hit, causing some loss of DPS. So compared to a simple hack and slash master like Diluc, she comes second.

On the other hand, the cute little character rewards player skill. So for people with lightning reflexes and have the determination to learn and perfect their rotations, Klee is a very appealing choice. Her playstyle basically alternates between two normal attacks with one charged attack, and uses as much animation cancelling as possible to execute this combo faster. Then you use her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst and you can no longer control the chaos she inflicts on the battlefield.


Klee can use a wide variety of Catalyst weapons, free to play or gacha only. She can use different sets of Artifacts depending on your playstyle, but since she is sure to miss vaporizing several times, it’s easier for her to focus on raw damage with Pyro and attack modifiers.

Klee has her own banner, which showed up once in the first six months of game’s lifespan, so she surely will be coming back in future, but not as frequently as other gacha characters. Her role is not exclusive to her, and her playstyle is one of the hardest to master in-game. So only spend your pity pulls on her if you are absolutely sure you like playing her. Play both her trial stage and character quest to get a good feel of the character before deciding (spoiler alert: she’s so much fun to play).

Ideal Klee Vaporize Team

It’s highly recommended that you use two Hydro characters with Xingqiu to support Klee, and even then they might not be enough. So with Klee there are some unique setups with both Hydro and Cryo support to try to alternate between Vaporize and Melt. But they are harder to pull off, because Klee can shatter enemies if they get frozen and miss both Vaporize and Melt. A second Pyro character (Bennett) is the safest route to go with, but also all Anemo characters skills (anything that is not Venti as mentioned before) can gather Klee’s small bombs caused by her Elemental Skill and detonate them into enemies. So some min/maxing Klee teams will be ideal with Jean as a Healer with Viridescent Venerer.

Hu Tao (SS Rank)

Again, another Pyro Hyper carry is Hu Tao, with the potential of being the highest DPS character in the game, but with so many issues. She’s a little less straightforward to deal with than with Klee, as you have to resolve all of them to reach maximum DPS potential. Hu Tao‘s not hard to play at a basic level, with her mobile playstyle and charged attack preference. She also has a higher Pyro uptime than Diluc because she gets Pyro conversion from her Elemental Skill, and not Elemental Burst, which is 9/16 seconds. This is a great DPS window for one rotation, but afterwards, it desyncs pretty hard from Xingqiu‘s ultimate at 15/21 seconds.

Another problem is managing her HP below 50% at all times without dying, which encourages pairing with shield characters. Then you need to also manage her stamina. Unlike Klee, Hu Tao doesn’t get as many stamina-free charged attacks. On top of that, you need to perform animation cancelling, and to time her Elemental Burst in ideal combos to get maximum DPS.

To sum it up, Hu Tao does have a lower skill entry-level than Klee, as she just focuses on spamming charged Attacks during her Elemental Skill. She also has a higher damage potential than Diluc, but this higher damage is locked behind insane human skill requirements. She also fulfills exactly the same role and competes for the same support teams as Diluc and Klee. With all three preferring Reverse Vaporize teams, and requiring Xingqiu as support.


Hu Tao though, is the cheapest Pyro Hyper carry to build, to the degree of working with merely a three-star weapon, then scaling damage which is insanely stronger with her signature five-star weapon. Also, she can also perform ok with using quickly-put-together artifacts with bad sub stats. The reason for this is how the damage boost she gets from her Elemental Skill is so strong on its own. The only thing holding her from being a SSS tier is the skill required to benefit from all this damage potential. It’s a weird combination, that fits her personality perfectly.

Hu Tao has her own banner, which was featured for the first time in March, 2021, so it might be long before it shows up again. Hu Tao‘s role is shared with two other characters, and her playstyle is the absolute hardest to master in-game. So only spend your pity on her if you are absolutely sure you like playing her, and don’t have either Diluc or Klee.

Ideal Hu Tao Vaporize Team

As a Polearm user, Hu Tao doesn’t shatter frozen enemies, so she can use a mix of Cryo and Hydro support for her team, for mixed Vaporize and Melt. Actually, Diona is the best healer for Hu Tao, because she provides her a necessary shield to prevent her from dying while she maintains a very low HP. Bennett is plainly a bad choice for Hu Tao, because to benefit from his buff she needs to stay on his Elemental Burst area of effect. This would heal Hu Tao very quickly to 70% HP, and remove a huge portion of her damage. With Diona as an on-demand healer and shield source (or Qiqi as healer instead), it’s ideal to use Mona rather than Barbara as a second Hydro character. So her lineup would look like: Xingqiu, Mona, Diona, Hu Tao. Other variants actually use Venti, because Hu Tao can hit enemies in Venti’s Ultimate.

Yanfei (S Rank)

Yanfei is the strongest four-star Pyro carry, she’s the latest addition to the lineup of Pyro characters, arriving with patch 1.5. The lawyer consultant is a new breed of Pyro characters, that introduces a new role along with a new build that was barely viable before her introduction. Different from the standard Vaporize Pyro teams, Yanfei’s strongest build revolves around Overload, or Reverse Melt teams.

The unique thing with Yanfei, is that she attacks very quickly, and applies so much Pyro in a very extensive range. This allows her to easily enable her support to deal very good damage, while still taking all the field time for herself (being consider a selfish carry). This opens up new party combinations for the Pyro element, to tackle different obstacles. So even if you have one top-tier Pyro DPS, Yanfei can still be a good pull to build a different team.

You see, Yanfei’s kit from the outside seems like a budget version of Klee, and that’s almost true if you end up building a Vaporize combo. Her attack pattern looks like Klee visually, though executes much faster. Her strongest damage output is the charged attack, and she also needs to weave normal attacks in between them. But both Yanfei’s attack speed and range is on a whole new level. For comparison, she attacks so fast that her normal attack would reach the enemy before Xingqiu’s sword would hit an enemy. This means she has a very hard time proccing the Reverse Vaporize herself, and instead enables Xingqiu to do normal Vaporize. Or better, enable Fischl and Beidou to procc Overload.

Vaporize vs. Overload

If you are determined to build Yanfei for just Vaporize, similar to Klee, you have to mix Hydro and Cryo in the pot. Cryo will clear the Pyro aura quicker, giving the Hydro a chance to apply its aura instead. You have to sacrifice Yanfei’s range though, and move near monsters, to get more Hydro application. It’s counterproductive, especially in large groups of enemies. But it’s the way to maximize her damage against a single target. It’s not the worst thing if you have C4 Yanfei, because C4 gives her a strong shield that can protect her at melee range. In this setup, her combo damage output can somewhat compete with Klee. Though Klee will tend to cause slightly more reactions, and her ultimate will add much extra damage. Hence the “budget Klee” tag. Even though Yanfei’s way easier to play than Klee, and she’s so fast she doesn’t need any animation cancelling to realize her full potential.

However, Overload teams are way easier, and more efficient as well. I’m obliged to mention them here, even though this is not an Overload tier list. But Yanfei is the newest addition to the Pyro roster, and she brings a new playstyle. If we neglect her unique build, we will do her injustice.

Overload knocks enemies back, and if you make a build around it, it repeats several times, taking enemies far away from the range. That’s typically a bad playstyle on all other Pyro characters, because you waste so much time and stamina chasing enemies. That’s why I only created an Overload based team for Keqing, who has a natural chase skill. So Yanfei will be the first Pyro carry I will build an Overload team for, with both Fischl and Beidou.

The faster attack style proc both Fischl‘s C6 and Beidou‘s Elemental Burst more often. This causes more direct damage but also helps proc Fischl‘s Ascension talent. This deals damage every time there’s an Electro elemental reaction procced, and causes Fischl to do an additional massive number of hits per second. You will not see a single big hit on screen, but you will see many numbers from many sources happening simultaneously. It’s just what Yanfei is meant to do.


Yanfei was newly introduced in 1.5, and the only way to acquire her, is through wishing on Zhongli’s banner. This is not a bad thing, since Zhongli is one of the best supports in the entire game. Regarding Constellations, in terms of damage output, Yanfei works fine at zero Constellations. So don’t feel obliged to spend so much money on her if you don’t want the rate-up five-star character. Her C1 is a great quality of life improvement that saves your charged attack stamina by a lot, so it’s likely the best Constellation for her. Other Constellations just add smaller quality of life improvements, or standard damage output. Nothing bad, and nothing too fancy.

Her build options are varied as I mentioned before, even for a single role, she can go with sets such as Wanderer’s Troupe, Crimson Witch of Flames, Lavawalker, or even Retracing Bolide if you pair her with a shield support. You can even use a hybrid artifact build with Gladiator’s Finale, and Crimson Witch of Flames.

The best four-star weapon for Yanfei is either the Battle Pass weapon, Blackcliff Amulet, or The Widsith. Any five-star weapon works great on her as well.

Ideal Yanfei Vaporize Team

For Vaporize to work, you have to get Xingqiu, and a Cryo character with fast Cryo application such as Kaeya or Rosaria. I prefer Rosaria for better range and AOE. Then you really need a Bennett to help her regenerate Energy, as Yanfei has an energy issue similar to Xinyan without her Tier 3 shield (small energy particle generation and long cooldown on Elemental Skill).

Sadly, adding ChildeMona or Barbara will be hardly worth it here, because Yanfei’s style conflicts with them all. Xingqiu alone can very easily fall short of applying enough Hydro. So you really are encouraged to build different teams for Yanfei other than Vaporize, to get better damage and performance. Especially if you have C6 Fischl, and C2 Beidou, Yanfei is the ideal character to enable them both at the same time.

Xiangling (A Rank)

Xiangling is a strong burst support overall. But for this specific tier list, she is generally not a good choice for Reverse Vaporize with Xingqiu‘s archetype. She’s just not compatible with him, and her damage is split between physical and Pyro, so she’s not fit as a main Pyro DPS anyway.

What Xiangling can do though is be a burst DPS support for a Childe Vaporize swap team. The reason for this is the fact that Childe is a Hydro DPS, that requires huge field time and to be able to apply Hydro many times. This works well with Xiangling‘s burst type, because you can switch to her, use her Elemental Skill and Burst, then switch her out, while her skill keeps doing damage. Childe has good damage but has a hard time to procc Vaporize with his massive Hydro application. So the ideal way is to build him up for pure DPS, then build Xiangling for Reverse Vaporize elemental reaction damage, and both will be dealing damage simultaneously. This team only needs to make sure to apply pyro first to vaporize Childe‘s ultimate, then everything else is about quick attacks with Childe’s melee stance and the Reverse Vaporize from Xiangling‘s damage.

This party likely does more damage than a Yanfei vaporize team, because of Childe. But considering that Yanfei is a carry in this case, she has more raw DPS than Xiangling, so Xiangling gets a tier lower. Also Yanfei Vaporize teams are purely four-star characters, and doesn’t require an exclusive five-star character to function, so she gets that bonus as well.

This setup is not cheap, because you have to build two DPS characters in a single team, with two maxed weapons and Artifacts. But Xiangling has several other uses outside the Vaporize team, so it’s a good idea to build her for an elemental reaction anyway. Read more of that in our Reverse Melt tier list.


Xiangling is a burst type character, which prefers to be switched out for most of the fight. She prefers Energy Recharge weapons and/or Artifacts, so she doesn’t compete very hard with the main DPS for gear.

Xiangling is a four-star guaranteed character, so every Genshin Impact account, old or new has her. She shows up in several banners, and it’s easy to get several Constellations for her, sometimes unintentionally. Every Constellation for her is useful for a Reverse Vaporize team, except for the second (C2). Xiangling is not the most important character to rank her Constellations, because you always would be better with ranking your main DPS, so consider them as a good bonus, not a requirement.

Ideal Xiangling Vaporize Team

This team must have Childe, Xiangling, a second Hydro like Barbara or Mona, and then there is room for several variants for the last spot. As with most Amplifying Reaction teams, Anemo is a strong choice. You can run a Viridescent Venerer set on any Anemo support in this team.

Bennett (A Rank)

Generally, Bennett carry teams are strong, but he favors Melt teams with Chongyun over Vaporize teams, so he’s ranked a bit lower here. The reason Bennett is strong as a DPS, is the amount of energy regeneration he can provide for himself and the entire team. So you need less Energy Recharge on his supports, and you can build them for DPS instead. He’s also good at healing himself, so you don’t need a healer support, which can be replaced with additional burst DPS support.

The cooldown for his Elemental Skill wastes a couple of Vaporize chances from Xingqiu‘s Ultimate uptime, so he has a lower ceiling. Paired with the fact that you would prefer Bennett as a support for most DPS teams, so he’s ranked lower.


If you’re out of options, and love building Bennett, you can build him similar to Diluc, on a quick swap team. There are pretty much no F2P weapon options for him, but you’ll eventually get some good four-star options through gacha.

Bennett is a four-star character, that shows up in several banners, and in the Masterless Starglitter shop. You can grab him easily, and he doesn’t need so many Constellations to work as a DPS. Usually C2 or C3 is more than enough, and you definitely don’t want to activate his C6. C6 Bennett converts all normal and charged attacks of any character standing in his Elemental Burst into Fire. Either of which has their niche uses, but likely would ruin every other team combinations Bennett can do.

Xinyan (B Rank)

Xinyan has three roles, as a physical carry, burst support, or shield support. None of these roles are compatible with a Vaporize team, so you would never use her that way. I’ll not go into anymore details here, but you can check out more about it in our future Overload and Physical tier lists for proper Xinyan rankings.

Amber (C Rank)

I’m sorry to Amber Mains, but Amber is the worst character in the game. Her modifiers are very low, her skills are very badly designed, and her charged attack playstyle is just the worst. Trying to make her work in a vaporize team is just to put it plainly…a nightmare. Amber’s charged attacks don’t work with Xingqiu, because Xingqiu‘s ultimate needs normal attacks to apply. She doesn’t work with Childe either, and not even with Barbara because she’s ranged.

Then there’s the problem of aiming, and how long time it takes. But it gets worse if you play the game with a controller. Even though she’s a four-star character up until this point, she has never shown up on limited-time banners with an up-rate, so it’s harder to get her Constellations. You also have to deal with how narrow and short her Elemental Bursts are, and how her Elemental skill does zero damage. The sole situation where Amber can vaporize is against the Oceanid boss, as this boss’ is constantly inflicted with Hydro. Even then, it’s better to use Cryo teams, not Amber. So do yourself a favor and try not to waste resources on her.

You’ve reached the end of our Genshin Impact Pyro Vaporize Tier List, and we hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you’ve stayed this long, you might be interested in our Genshin Impact Guides. Be sure to check out even more info on our Genshin Impact Wiki. You can also keep an eye out for more Tier lists for Genshin Impact 1.4 and 1.5, as we will be releasing them regularly. Be sure to check out our Genshin Impact Character Tier List: Reverse Melt (Cryo) next.

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