Celebrate Elder Scrolls Online’s Fourth Year Anniversary

Celebrate Elder Scrolls Online’s Fourth Year Anniversary

Zenimax are marking Elder Scrolls Online‘s fourth year anniversary with a whole host of in-game rewards and events. The anniversary event begins on Wednesday, April 4 at 10:00AM EDT and runs until Monday, April 16 at 10:00AM EDT.

Elder Scrolls Online turns four. Celebrate with an in-game event.

Here’s a look at all of the anniversary event additions to Elder Scrolls Online. First up, a new quest: “Ache for Cake“.

New event quest: “Ache for Cake”.

The main event is a new quest, which is called “Ache for Cake“. To activate this quest, you need to visit the famous Chef Donolon in Vulkhel Guard, Daggerfall, or Davon’s Watch. You can get directions to Chef Donolon‘s location by obtaining a Jubilee Cake Voucher free of charge from the in-game Crown Store. If you complete Ache for Cake, you’ll get a three-tiered Anniversary Jubilee Cake. It’ll be added to your Mementos as a Collectable.

Ache for Cake

So, why would you want to get a cake? Well, if you activate the cake to place it in front of your character and eat a slice of it, you’ll get a 2 hour-long 100% XP buff. What’s more, it stacks with any other XP buff effect, such as from ESO Plus Membership. What a tasty treat!

Anniversary Gift Boxes: Earn rare crafting materials.

In addition to the event quest, throughout the event, any daily or weekly quest you complete will earn you an Anniversary Gift Box (in addition to their regular rewards). These boxes contain crafting materials, including a single rare item. Please note that you can’t get the Anniversary Gift Boxes from infinitely repeatable quests, so don’t even try it.

Some of the rarer rewards include motif pages previously only available in Vvardenfell, the Horns of the Reach dungeons, and the Clockwork City. Even rarer, you may get a motif page for the brand-new Worm Cult style, a look that can only be found in Anniversary Gift Boxes.

Adventurer’s Almanac 2nd Edition added.

And finally, the “Adventurer’s Almanac, 2nd Edition” has been added to the game. Upon reading it, if you’ve completed the Mages Guild quest line, the new book will be added to your Eidetic Memory. You’ll then be able to access it from your Journal at any time. The book is near Chef Donolon in each capital city, so be sure to pick it up when accepting Ache For Cake from him.

The book contains everything you need to know about the available weekly and daily quests. For instance, their location, activity type, requirements, and recommended level of experience to complete. It could be so useful – especially as you’ve got a limited time to complete the quests if you want to earn Anniversary Gift Boxes.

Elder Scrolls Online: Interesting stats

In addition to the event rewards, Zenimax have provided some stats about Elder Scrolls Online. Some of them may surprise you.

  • Total number of monsters killed: 15,881,472,493
  • Number of players killed: 1,346,033,201
  • Total number of Soul Gems used: 1,183,836,570
  • The total number of quests completed: 2,064,266,404
  • Total number of items crafted: 7,415,834,454
  • Total number of achievements earned: 1,145,234,018
  • Most popular race: High Elf (14.98% of all characters)
  • Most PvP Kills by Alliance: Ebonheart Pact (122,490,253 kills)
  • Highest unpaid bounty: 248,655,731 gold
  • Most popular Alliance: Ebonheart Pact (36.33% of all characters)
  • Highest paid bounty: 362,324 gold

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