CD Projekt Red Release Gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red Release Gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077

Last updated on August 29th, 2018

CD Projekt Red finally unveil to the public for the first time gameplay of their upcoming futuristic action-RPG Cyberpunk 2077. While the developers have been teasing us with  cryptic messages it looks like they have decided to share what fans have been waiting for.

CD Projekt Red Release Gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077

The video is a walkthrough revealing quite a bit of gameplay, however since this is from an early version of the game CD Projekt Red shares there may be some changes to the final version.

Character customization gives an array of features to reflect your Cyberpunk identity

The walkthrough starts off with character creation using a female character. Players can choose a backstory which is important to the main story. Depending on the backstory you choose it “will unlock different opportunities later in the game”. Other key features you can assign in character creation are looks which includes body type, hair style, tattoos and much more. You also have a chance to pick initial stat abilities and due to the “fluid class system” attributes can be altered throughout the game.

Choose your backstory which will affect different opportunities later on

Initial stats can be chosen at the beginning but will be amended through progression

The gameplay begins in an immersive first person view, in a gritty, dark apartment building where the mission is to locate a missing person with a failed implant. This section of gameplay takes place in Night City, near the beginning of the story following a female by the name of V and her partner T-Bug. Things take a violent turn when they find scavengers harvesting implants from bodies and they must take down the group. The scene shows a taste of the action in-store for players, highlighting close impact kills and range when shooting at the assailants.

First person view allows for a fully immersed feel in this RPG

The setting is everything you would imagine an action-RPG set in a dystopian futuristic world to be, flying cars, mega-buildings, violence galore and not so aboveboard vendors that can offer a quick upgrade. The video also showcases some of the vibrant characters that have their own personalities and quirks. CD Projekt Red have done an amazing job not only visually with NPCs you interact with but breathe life into them.

Characters not only aesthetically detailed but match their personalities to a tee

Not only do we get a closer look at the narrative based decisions that will impact the story, but the outcome from a decision made. The narrator explains that players may have had a different set of events if they had chosen differently. As this is an RPG, player’s choices will weigh heavily on the story line.

Choices may lead to more violent outcomes, what would you choose?

The city is living and breathing, showing some of the bustling streets full of interactivity. Even advertisements have evolved in this world, as an ad for a drink is tailored to the one viewing it and will even show you where to purchase one.

The seedy underbelly of Night City is full of life

Getting around the city is not limited to just on foot, players can travel by car to other areas. The city looks to be a combination of influences as I can see a futuristic Hong Kong with the towering, close quarter buildings but with touches of metropolitan Tokyo and Bangkok with it’s flyovers. We could be very well looking into our future, as it leaves no detail out making it all too real.

Travel by car to explore different areas of the city

The walkthrough also highlights some of the upgrades that you will encounter which includes “Quick Hack”. In a world where the inhabitants are hackable, using the ability will deploy a virus which will eat away at their system. Ways to take out enemies are numerous, not only through combat methods but technological ones too.

Check out the full gameplay video below [Warning: Trailer contains NSFW content]:

Cyberpunk 2077 has not revealed a release date yet, but has been announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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