Capcom to Reveal New Resident Evil Game Ahead of Tokyo Game Show 2019

Capcom to Reveal New Resident Evil Game Ahead of Tokyo Game Show 2019

Capcom will be revealing a new Resident Evil game before the Tokyo Game Show according to a recent tweet.

Capcom to Reveal New Resident Evil Game Ahead of TGS 2019

Capcom have teased they will be revealing a brand new Resident Evil game ahead of the Tokyo Game Show, sharing more details on September 9th. In a recent post on the Twitter account for Biohazard, posted a tweet containing announcement details under the project code name “Project Resistance”, the the “Re” in red, pointing to Resident Evil.

There is also a teaser website which was linked in the tweet, that explains that Project Resistance is the code name the game, and this title will be coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam. More details will be unveiled on September 9th at 3PM UTC.

There are a couple of possible titles that Capcom might be announcing, it could be the remake of Resident Evil 3, after that success of the Resident Evil 2 Remake this year. Or it could be a brand new title, Resident Evil 8. Capcom has been asking the community for feedback from Resident Evil Ambassadors for a new game according to an article by Dualshockers.

Project Resistance will be playable at TGS 2019, but only for a few fans with a Japanese My Capcom account, which will rely on the luck of the draw from a lottery.

Tokyo Game Show 2019 – Project Resistance Stage Schedule

Sept 12th (Thur) – 12:30 – 1:10 PM JST

Sept 13th (Fri) – 12:00 – 12:40 PM JST

Sept 14th (Sat) – 11:50 – 12:30 PM JST

Sept 15th – (Sun) 3:30 – 4:30 PM JST

We will have to wait until September 9th for more details about this mysterious Project Resistance during Capcom’s stage events, and hopefully more will be shown at Tokyo Game Show 2019, which takes place from September 12th to 15th.

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