Capcom Showcase 2023 Confirmed for June 12th
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Capcom Showcase 2023 Confirmed for June 12th

The next major showcase for Capcom has been set for June 12th expected to run for just over half an hour.

Capcom Showcase 2023 Confirmed for June 12th

Next week will be Capcom’s Showcase which teases around 36 minutes of “news and updates” for their latest games. Kicking off on June 12th at 3PM PDT which will be livestreamed through major platforms such as Youtube and Twitch. It also coincides with Capcom’s 40th anniversary which is a significant birthday for the publisher. The official website states we can expect new info on already announced upcoming releases and future titles.

What Could Be at the Showcase?

The showcase hasn’t gotten details of the exact lineup of games. However, Capcom has recently unveiled a new trailer for Dragon’s Dogma 2. The major update showed some actual gameplay this time, instead of just cut scenes. This has stirred up excitement for the sequel which players have been waiting for over a decade for.

The next entry can’t come soon enough, but we have yet to gain a release date. Whether we will find out further details on new mechanics and more at the Capcom Showcase is yet to be seen. Capcom has unveiled a new Pawn race which sort of resembles a Khajiit but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

We want more Dragon's Dogma 2. Hopefully more updates during the Capcom Showcase.
Majorly anticipated sequel Dragon’s Dogma 2 has already gained a gameplay trailer. Could there be more at the Capcom Showcase 2023?

Other games currently in the works include Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective’s HD Switch port which will be released later this June. There’s also the dinosaur-infused, third-person shooter title Exoprimal set to release in July so that’s another likely contender.

Monster Hunter Go

On the mobile side, Capcom are working on a collaboration with Pokemon Go developer Niantic for Monster Hunter Now. Instead of catching cute pocket-sized monsters, instead hunting down behemoths in Monster Hunter Rise fashion. This mix of IRL and AR hunting isn’t the first collab for Niantic. There was the failed Harry Potter: Wizards Unite which didn’t quite have the Hogwarts Legacy success. Hopefully, Monster Hunter Now will fare better when it releases in September. We could be getting more details about this one at the Capcom Showcase.

The Capcom Showcase may reveal more about Monster Hunter.
Capcom previously released a roadmap which teases a bonus update coming June with a variant monster for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Future Monster Hunting

Speaking of hunting, Capcom also recently announced the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak “finale” digital event. As the title winds down, we could be in for what’s happening next for the franchise. However, it might be a little soon since there is still content coming for the latest MH title.

As the website mentions “future titles” we could be in for some announcements and a few surprises.

Summer Game Fest already seems to be jammed packed with upcoming announcements and news. What are you hoping to hear about at the Capcom Showcase 2023? Let us know in the comments below.

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