Canadian developer 3Mind Games announce The Protagonist

Canadian developer 3Mind Games announce The Protagonist

3Mind Games have announced a new IP, which was inspired by Mass Effect, XCOM and Divinity Original Sin. It’s called The Protagonist and it looks pretty awesome.

The Protagonist announced by 3Mind Games

3Mind Games is an indie developer made up of veterans from Ubisoft, EA, and more. The Protagonist will be a turn-based space opera of epic proportions. Check out the announcement trailer.

The Protagonist Press Release

The Protagonist features an extensive branching narrative and turn-based tactical combat. Every choice the player makes affects the course of the game. It stars a Special Operative with the Terran military force code named: ANGEL. Her current mission is to infiltrate an alien space station of the invading KL-T. However,  all doesn’t go as planned. She awakens in the infirmary of the space station she’s tasked with infiltrating. ANGEL will then need to figure out how to escape this place while it’s in full lockdown.

  • Recruit a wide cast of fully developed characters to aid in your mission. The only way to survive and succeed will be to rely on the strength of your team and nurture their loyalty.
  • A unique combat system allowing players to customize their character’s close-combat abilities like never before. Players will be able to tailor, experiment with, and perfect their martial-combat style using this system, then share combos with the online player community.
  • A dynamic dialogue system where the choices players make during the course of the game will have consequences. The reactions and responses players receive from other in-game characters may drastically change based on their previous choices throughout the course of play. Players have to pay attention to the way they navigate conversations or they might be in for a surprise!
  • Initiative and Action Points System (I.A.P.S.) to give players full control over the actions they want their character to take on their turn. Players must create their own strategy to defeat enemies.

The Protagonist is coming to PC. Will it come to consoles too?

So far, only a PC version of The Protagonist has been announced. We’ll keep you posted when we hear more news about this game, so stay tuned.

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