You can play Fable Fortune for free now on Xbox One and PC

You can play Fable Fortune for free now on Xbox One and PC

It won’t be expensive for you to return to Albion.  The collectable card game Fable Fortune has now been fully launched on Xbox One and PC.

It won’t cost you a fortune to play Fable Fortune

Fable Fortune was playable through Microsoft’s Game Preview program since last summer. Developers Mediatonic and Flaming Fowl launched the 1.0 version of the game this week. Fable Fortune is free to play but it offers additional card packs for purchase. All standard free-to-play stuff, I guess.

For the launch version, the developers  added a lot of new features and implemented changes based on feedback from the preview version. For example, Achievements, co-op voice chat, deck building tips and some new cards. Also, cheap cards have been rebalanced to reduce their effectiveness.

Fable Fortune

It’s time to play your cards close to your chest. Fable Fortune is available for free now for Xbox one and PC.

The developers will be holding some temporary events to help new players out, such as double XP events and free card giveaways. For the next five weeks, there will be a new event each week. Here’s the info about the launch events, from Fable Fortune Game Designer, Gary Paskins:

Many Happy Returns!

Duration: Thursday 22nd February – Saturday 3rd March
Log in each day to receive a card pack!

Double XP

Duration: Thursday 22nd February – Thursday 1st March
All players will receive double experience towards Hero levels for games played!

Wild Cards

Duration: Friday 23rd February – Monday 26th February
A special celebration Co-Op Boss, available only during this limited time. This event has 6 brand new spells to be won – one per Hero. These cards will be added to regular card packs after the event finishes.

Rebel, Rebel

Duration: Thursday 22nd February – Thursday 1st March
Log in at any time during this event to receive a brand new Epic card – Renegade Leader! Renegade Leader is also available in packs now.

Double Silver

Duration: Friday 2nd March – Monday 5th March
We understand that as the Double XP event ends, you’ll be sad and wanting more – who wouldn’t? How does a long weekend of double Silver sound? For those who don’t know, Silver is the currency you can earn from battling and rewards to spend on card packs. So get playing, and get to busting open card packs!

Will you be giving Fable Fortune a go or are you too concerned about the free-to-play structure and the possibility of pay-to-win? Please comment below and let us know.

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    I’ve played the occasional game of chess online too ckmishn, but sometimes it’s nice to have the fantasy trimmings when you do want an online card game. Mind you, for that there’s already the likes of Magic: The Gathering.

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