Camelot Unchained Beta coming July 4th

Camelot Unchained Beta coming July 4th

We finally have a confirmation for a date for the upcoming Camelot Unchained beta: July 4th! In the beta, players can expect to explore the world of Camelot and get the first proper view into what the full launch will have to offer

Camelot Unchained Beta July 4th

Having taken large external investment in addition to their crowdfunding to further the objectives of the game, City State Entertainment is now ready to reveal a Beta 1 date for the MMO Camelot Unchained. The announcement came from a developer stream, where it was also mentioned that there would be a “Feature Lock” from June 12th, meaning no new features would be introduced after this for the Alpha Build, in order to polish existing ones and fixing bugs, etc.

  • Beta 1 is estimated to last for quite a long time (a year!)
  • Beta 1 will be available to Alpha Players, an players who have already signed up. Beta invites are for a later, larger beta test.
  • The beta will feature more content than available in the Alpha, but not display the full game.
  • The beta is a combination of a persistent open beta world but there may be some focuses on specific aspects in specific dates
  • The beta will feature only 9 classes from the 30 proposed for the full game, and developers are working to optimize balancing between them.
  • The beta will provide separate EU and NA servers, to optimize latency
  • Beta 1 will show no PVE content besides crafting
  • The coming months until July will reveal new information about playable Races in the game
  • Lifetime subscriptions will no longer be available after Beta 1, and the refund policy will change moving forward, limiting the conditions for refunds.
  • Streaming will be available in a limited manner, as there is an NDA for the beta

A screenshot from the Alpha

You can read an extensive rundown by the developers in their document. If you haven’t heard much of this game and are interested in finding out more, read our Camelot Unchained Preview, or head over to our Camelot Unchained Wiki to learn more about the classes, races, and stats that this MMORPG has to offer.


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