Buy Dark Souls 3 and DLC for USD 12 via Humble Bundle

Buy Dark Souls 3 and DLC for USD 12 via Humble Bundle

Last updated on March 22nd, 2018

Humble Bundle’s monthly subscription brings Dark Souls 3 as the centerpiece of their March 2018 edition. With this promotion, you can get access to DKS3 for USD 12!

Dark Souls 3 and DLC USD 12 – Humble Bundle

For those interested in the promotion, this is a bonus for becoming a subscriber to Humble Bundle, which costs USD 12. You can of course purchase the subscription, get Dark Souls 3, and cancel and be on your merry way.

The promotion includes


Bargain Souls here we come!

Since there’s no Dark Souls Trilogy yet announced outside Japan, this is a great chance to get Dark Souls 3 for a bargain price! You’ll have to dish out to buy The Ringed City separately if you want the full DLC experience, but this is still a great start.

For other Dark Souls news, check out the Dark Souls Remastered announcement, the confirmation of unchanged level design, or read our Dark Souls 3 review.


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2 comments on “Buy Dark Souls 3 and DLC for USD 12 via Humble Bundle”

  1. ckmishn says:

    If they sold all the DLC (even if it was only the DLC) for $12 I’d probably take it. As it stands, I own the retail release (bought for ~$60) and have sat through two Steam sales where the game was deeply discounted (I think for $35 and then $25), but there was no discount on the DLC.

    Since I’m maybe 2/3 through the game, and waiting on DLC before investing the time to complete it all (I may be way off, but I’m guessing the 2*DLC + final 1/3 of the campaign roughly equal the first 2/3 of the game).

    Unfortunately it’s beginning to look like the cheapest away to get the DLC will be to buy some compilation package of all three components during a big Steam sale.

    If I was actually ambitious I’d probably write an article about how the inability to resell DLC reduces incentives for publishers and developers to cut their prices.

  2. Jet1337 says:

    Are you telling me to buy what I already own?

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