Boyfriend Dungeon Crawler Lets You Date Your Weapons

Boyfriend Dungeon Crawler Lets You Date Your Weapons

Probably one of the most unusual action-RPG dungeon crawlers yet to be released on Kickstarter (and believe me, projects do get strange on there). Introducing Boyfriend Dungeon, where dating your weapons helps you crush dungeons.

Boyfriend Dungeon Crawler Lets You Date Your Weapons

Kitfox Games introduced the world of Boyfriend Dungeon, in this latest trailer it shares six weapons that you can ultimately date. The game sets to bring a simulator game that meets dungeon action, ranging from lasersaber to cat, all available next year in 2019.

Players will push through mobs of monsters in a mission to rescue weapons, weapons that are apparently dateable and trapped in the dungeon. Meet Valeria, a dagger who likes whiskey but dislikes ducks, Isaac the épée who likes the finer things in life and a bit of a foodie. There’s also Seven a lasersaber who isn’t shallow individuals, Sawyer who doesn’t define themselves by gender as a glaive, likes social justice and video games. And finally Sunder the talwar, who’s hair is something like out of a shampoo advert along with the rose between between his teeth lures you with his wiles.

There’s also a cat called Pocket who chooses brass knuckles, cute but with a furry fury. Players can form a friendship with Pocket if you can earn his trust. Check out the screenshots below:

Kitfox have launched their Kickstarter campaign in order to fund this bizarre dungeon crawler. Mixing dating sim quirky characters with a unique action-combat which is set to release on PC sometime next year 2019. If you wish to support the project that has already met it’s initial goal of $68,069, you can visit their Kickstarter campaign.

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6 comments on “Boyfriend Dungeon Crawler Lets You Date Your Weapons”

  1. deltamind says:

    This was really hilarious for some reason, I can’t stop but laugh lol!

  2. Avatar Fallenangel700 says:

    I’ve always said weapons are sexy but I never imagined someone would make that literal.

  3. Avatar Yuria says:

    Someone thought "you know what’s missing from dungeon crawlers? Weapons you can date!" and Boyfriend Dungeon was born. But I think this game might be a lot of fun, hopefully the gameplay is decent too.

  4. Avatar Fexelea says:

    So would you date the Zweihander or Dragon Bone Smasher?

  5. Avatar Nahztek-Shadowpath says:

    I would date Chaos Blade, Dancer’s Blade or Blades of Mercy.

  6. Avatar Yuria says:

    Question is do you get to be a "player" or not? Dating all the weapons lol.

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