Bluepoint Says Their Next Game for PS5 is Their Proudest Achievement Yet

Bluepoint Says Their Next Game for PS5 is Their Proudest Achievement Yet

Bluepoint’s new project for PS5 sets to be one of their most proudest achievements according to the studio.

Bluepoint Says Their Next Game for PS5 is Their Proudest Achievement Yet

The exact project in question has yet to be revealed, but rumours are abundant, a possibility includes Demon’s Souls. Earlier this year Bluepoint mentioned that it was a “re-envisioning” of a previous title, and now share that the PS5 project will be one of their proudest achievements.

Up until this point, Bluepoint president Marco Thrush shared with SegmentNext that Shadow of the Colossus was one of their most proudest works. However, their current project for the next-generation of console will be taking that spot:

We [Bluepoint Games] originally remastered Shadow of the Colossus for the PS3 and then remade it for the PS4. It’s the only one we’ve touched twice and to date it is our greatest achievement, so it’s easy to say that is our personal favorite. However, there’s no question in our minds that our current project will become the achievement we’re most proud of.

FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki has also shared in the past that a remaster would be unlikely under the developer, but for another studio who was passionate enough to take the reins was a possibility.

While Thrush didn’t give any more information on what exactly the title is, he did share that an announcement will be made when Sony felt the time was right. There could be an opportunity for a reveal at the upcoming The Game Awards 2019 but we’ll have to wait and see. Don’t forget to stop by our Twitch channel as we’ll be streaming it live and commenting on the latest reveals.

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