Bloodborne The Old Hunters Hands-on Gameplay Impressions – TGS 2015

Bloodborne The Old Hunters Hands-on Gameplay Impressions – TGS 2015

Last updated on January 7th, 2016

Today, we braved some wind and rain to train all the way to Makkuhari Messe and try hands-on gameplay of Bloodborne The Old Hunters and Dark Souls 3. In this article, I will detail impressions from my first sit down with the Bloodborne Expansion. Everything we confirm will be added to the wiki’s The Old Hunters page. You can also read our interview with Yasuhiro Kitao here.

The Old Hunters Starting Classes

You are given a choice between three classes, equipped with new weapons. (official translations pending)


The three classes of the Demo

For our first play session, we chose the Harrowed Man.

You begin in a whole new area, characterized by pools of blood and corpses that wriggled in this swamp, their torsos half decomposed. I first went to my inventory and checked out the stats for the weapons. The bowblade is a one handed sword with medium to short reach, complimented by the off-hand attacks that thrust forward as a fist. The transformation has your character holding an impressive greatbow on the left hand and an arrow on the right, allowing you to shoot a considerable distance and with unprecedented precision, at the cost of only one silver bullet per shot (even charged ones!). Be mindful, however, as smarter enemies will dodge your arrows.

The character was a level 75 build, with stats allocated for the strength/dex/arcane combo of this weapon. You can find the full stats of the bow as well as its imprints on its wiki page here. The moveset while on blade mode was a mix of sword and thrust rapier, with the interesting option to use your off-hand knuckle to punch enemies here and there with L2. It also included an R2 chargeable spin attack, which would have been useful against groups of enemies but can be easily interrupted if you are hit, making it inferior to the Hunter’s Axe R2. The bow mode, however, had all the makings of a great weapon due to its range, and it could almost one-hit smaller enemies, and stagger and knockback larger ones if charged properly.

here is some floor video of people playing… Badly lol

The Old Hunters New Attire

We wore a new set, ragged and dirty, with bandages resembling the one worn by the Suspicious beggar. An official translation is not available, but it may be called the “Harrowed Set”

The Old Hunters New Enemies

We found some new enemies who are possibly using weapons available to players.

  • Gascoigne-like Whip Enemies: Featuring the new and purple-black-glow whip-club, it attacked with a moveset similar to that of the threaded cane, albeit with a slightly shorter reach and harder impact per hit. (Seen in TGS trailer)
  • Gascoigne-like Hammer Enemies: These attacked with slow and deadly motions similar to the Kirkhammer in weight. It extended to a two-hand mode not unlike the Hunter’s Axe upon transformation. I was careful not to get caught by them, so I can’t comment on knockback. (Seen in TGS trailer)
  • Chthulu-Executioner: Mixing the large bodies of the executioners and the tentacle beards of Brainsuckers, this large enemy was not joking around. Slow but deadly, wielded a large stone great axe with forward and sweeping attacks. An eerie purple glow on its eyes marked its uniqueness

The Old Hunters New Treasures

A new item, a timed bomb such as a nailbomb, was found early on. We didn’t get to try it on our first go at the game, but we will update this section and the wiki as soon as possible.


We had to take a picture of it! So great

The Old Hunters New Bosses

Ludwig: “Help, Help” read the cries as you enter the boss area, and you are introduced to a deformed humanoid with eyes on the insides of his mouth and corrupt extremities. Think the Bloodletting Beast and One Reborn mashed up into an agile amalgam of extremities

The boss had an aggressive moveset and quick hand slashes, motioning forward to keep up with the hunter. We focused on trying to test the viability of the Bowblade’s bow form, and whilst it did decent damage there was not enough time to wind up attacks given the quick movements. It used magic in a frontal aoe motion, which was hard to dodge if close but not that deadly. Other attacks included an aerial leap, and a frontal charge, as well as biting forward in quick succession.


Deadly Ludwig has changed Bloodborne’s Lore for the fans

 We are off to try the other two classes, check back later for a Dark Souls 3 magic preview and more Bloodborne! Enjoy the trailer to hype again


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  1. Avatar dn1nd says:

    Reading that just makes me want more.

  2. TheKillingTree says:

    No gameplay footage? :(
    Still a nice read.

  3. Avatar Castielle says:

    Gameplay recording and pictures were disallowed. So we did what we could. We’ll try again while we do the other class

  4. Avatar NPC_invader says:

    How fast does the bow shoots those arrows?

  5. seadrag0n says:

    so we can’t use our existing characters right?

  6. Avatar Castielle says:

    The r2 weapon fired off at approximately the same rate of any other r2
    Not sure what you mean sea dragon. The demo has served xharacters but I’m sure the area is accessible with your current save

  7. Grendel_Original says:

    Are these stock characters just for you to test with? Do you know if characters made prior to Old Hunters will be able to play Old Hunters levels?

  8. Avatar EldritchImagination says:

    Fexelea, I’ll be honest. I want your job.

  9. Avatar Castielle says:

    We don’t know if the dlc is introducing class or if these were just demo stock characters. I guess the latter. From Software has never released a game dlc that you cannot play with your saved data. It’s probably accessible from a specific area or via an item so worst case u can roll to NG plus

  10. Avatar Brandon_Miller says:

    So will there be uncanny and lost versions of the new weapons?

  11. ApolloReed says:

    Is the one handed blade the bow transforms into the same as the one shown with the shield in the trailer?

  12. Milk_man1337 says:

    I am really excited for this. I get the impression that the main boss is the bloodletting beast amalgum thing, but I do wonder if it is actually the old one that created the dream. I hope there’s another interesting boss, like how you vs Gherman, then the Moonlight Presence shows up. The Eyes in the mouth though, kind of lead me toward it being an old one

  13. Avatar EldritchImagination says:

    Really, cause for me, the eyes in the mouth lead me toward getting sick.

    Bloodborne, making Dark Souls bosses look less horrifying and sickening by comparison since its release.

  14. Avatar Tha_Watcher says:

    I can't wait for this DLC! Meanwhile, I've been trying to pass the time with other games but it's never quite like the Bloodborne experience!

  15. Avatar Fexelea says:

    We got some floor footage that we will be adding soon :)

  16. Avatar Mephistophea says:

    Thank you for covering whole event, its great, all of it makes me pretty excited. :D

  17. Avatar JudasBlitzkrieg says:

    There’s been nothing said about updates to the Chalices, but an educated guess would probably suggest that they’ll be added. Nothing suggested or confirmed by FROM though.

  18. Avatar HolyLuigi says:

    Sup fellas


  19. Avatar Halicarnassis says:


  20. goober0331 says:

    Those character builds are at lvl 75, so I’m assuming thats what the "suggested" lvl is to be at when you do the DLC, so it’s basically endgame.

  21. Avatar dn1nd says:

    That area looks a lot like the Nightmare Frontier and Nightmare of Mensis. Is it a Nightmare area or Yarnham during the day?

  22. Avatar EldritchImagination says:

    please, that’s not even as bad a the gaping dragon, much less Blood starved beast

  23. Avatar FatTiger says:

    Hm.. Bow seems to have a pretty fast fire rate.. It also consumes bullets, So Idk but I can guess that it scales with Bloodtinge and Skill.

    Judging by this place, it looks like a Nightmare like place. Also, I really hope they may allow some Blood Rocks to be in here, or perhaps some Merchant that can sell you resources for late game… One can get tired of the Messengers by Hunter Dream… :)

  24. Avatar Fexelea says:

    We have the scaling (at +8) added to the wiki:'s+Bowblade

  25. Avatar FatTiger says:

    Dang, Bow seems to scale of Arcane… Oh poo. Wait… What if that’s just for the blade bonus damage?? lol
    I hope the bow part scales with Skill. That would make mah day! :cheers:

    Btw It seems like it has a pretty good Blood gem input for an Arcane scaler, I think it’s done like that on purpose… Triangle seems to Sharp Blood Gems which are gud for Skill… And Triangles seems to increase arcane dps as well. So I actually think it may be possible for a heavy B.T dude like myself to have decent standings with the Bow and Blade. If Blade is bad for me.. Then its down to Warp sword right?

    So do you think it maybe possible for BT users to use the Bow Blade to its fullest? (By using Blood Gems)? :-/

    Other than that, thanks for the Blood gem listing with Scalings so far!!!! Its really gonna help me decide on what to use!!

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