Bloodborne Release Date: February 5th (6th for NA)

Bloodborne Release Date: February 5th (6th for NA)



Quick news post!


Sony Computer Entertainment World Wide Studios Shuhei Yoshida announced today that Bloodborne will be releasing on


February 5th 2015 Japan

February 6th 2015 North America

on Playstation 4


Pre-orders will receive an artbook and soundtrack and are available starting today!

This post will be updated with graphics when the assets are released


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14 comments on “Bloodborne Release Date: February 5th (6th for NA)”

  1. Avatar DarkNoobz says:

    Damn, Dark Souls 2 won’t even be a year old!

    But we all love the art books for these games :P

    Did DeS get one?

  2. Avatar AnCapaillMor says:

    Yep it did get one, Executioner Miralda was pretty hot according to it.

    Still can’t get over the time difference from initial announcement to release. Feels so quick in comparison to other games. They really kept it quiet.

  3. Avatar ManatuBear says:

    Damn you SONY!
    Driveclub and LBP3 with a month between them, then Bloodborne and The Order with 15 days between them??
    Not to mention 3rd parties… i want 3 3rd parties between Driveclub and The Order (And i don’t care for FarCry, Witcher or AC)

    Gonna have to work the streets at night to pay for games…

  4. Satan says:

    That’s a bit soon since Dark Souls 2 sort of came out, usually people play Souls for a year or two and Souls games never release within a year of each other like Call of Duty, but then again it’s not part of the Souls series.

    I’m pretty sure that’s just the date for the Japan/Asia release, cause in America, games only release on Tuesdays, and Feb 5th is a Thursday.

  5. Avatar DarkNoobz says:

    I’m going to have to agree, it does feel kinda soon! Here’s Japan’s release trailer:

  6. Satan says:

    That seems to be a compilation of videos accumulated. Nothing new that we haven’t seen in pieces.

  7. Avatar Clovin64 says:

    Feels weird knowing we’ll have (what’s essentially) a new Souls game not even a year after the last one…

    I’m all over those pre-order bonuses though.

    I haven’t actually shelled out for a PS4 yet, so I was thinking maybe I should wait until Febuary and try to get a Bloodborne PS4 bundle? Or a might cave in and get a PS4 for the new Dragon Age in November. We’ll see :bounce:

  8. Avatar announakis says:

    this is only a release date for Japan though.

    gamespot news

    the rest of the world has not yet any release date announced…so expect the release date to be later (much later?) for us.

  9. Avatar skarekrow13 says:

    About a month and a half earlier than I was anticipating should this be true for NA as well.

    Also that much less time for Destiny. Although Vita is a possibility for both

  10. Avatar WyrmHero says:

    Let’s say this game is getting released 4 years later since Dark Souls release in 2011. Since it’s been made by Miyazaki and From’s A-team, we can’t really compare it to the milking of CoD and Assassin’s Creed. So it’s going to be a great game guys.

    For those not sure about buying a PS4, do it now. Already got one with Diablo 3, then it’s Lords of the Fallen, Natural Doctrine and Shadow of Mordor all the way till Bloodborne.

  11. Avatar bosslugger says:

    why does everyone keep saying this is a Souls game? It isn’t.
    It has similar game mechanics as Souls, and was made by Miyazaki, but that’s really it.
    I’d really like for this game to stand on its own, not just be referred to as Souls 3 when it isn’t.

  12. Avatar Carphil says:

    Amazing news! I was almost buying another PS3 just to play dark souls :sick:

  13. Avatar phastings says:

    Thank. You. lol

    Completely rational take on the facts; we all should know dark souls 2 was being developed parallel, better yet, after the fact to bloodborne by the actual team that developed demons/dks1. With that in mind, know that A-team miyazaki has had plenty of time to nail this one down, and its advent was freed of the shackles of bamco & globo-marketing enterprises, so I hope that means there will be a return to the roots of what miyazaki says, goes.. and that means if it doesnt fit despite what the mass market wants, it has no place in the game despite what the publisher pays development to think

  14. Avatar Back_Lot_Basher says:

    Can you give a couple of examples of things in Dark Souls 2 that exist to appease the mass market, but have no place in the game? Just curious.

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