Bloodborne Opening Cinematic Location Revealed By Player

Bloodborne Opening Cinematic Location Revealed By Player

While Bloodborne has been around for almost four years, there are still hidden secrets coming to light even now. With a recent discovery of a hidden boss that never made it to release not long ago, now there’s news of the discovery of the actual location for the opening cinematic.

Bloodborne Opening Cinematic Location Revealed By Player

FromSoftware games to say the least, have many layers that can overlap into other games at times, even their latest release of the VR game Déraciné gets a nod at Bloodborne. Now we find out that a player has discovered the precise location of the opening cinematic. While other games may tease players of fantastical settings that are usually just for show, From has other ideas and lets players reach the place that appears in their opener. A Reddit user by name of u/RickHarrison posted that they actually came across the area within the game. The opening scene however looks a little different from the in-game location of course due to the more dramatic approach to the cut scene.

Within the game you can visit the featured place known as the Cathedral Ward which is not too far from where you meet Arianna. With a little adjustment to your camera angles you can get the very same view that appears in this opening scene of the alley.

You may notice that there are a couple things that differ when compared to the cinematic, for example there is no eerie baby carriage lying in your path, and the lighting in the scene looks noticeably different.

It is quite amazing that fans are still finding things in-game, even after four years after its release. Even dataminers still unearth uncut bosses that did not make it into the final version of Bloodborne, with the most recent being the venomous “Snake Ball” boss that was found by Lance McDonald.

With the upcoming release of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, although not strictly following From’s custom of action-RPGs, let’s hope they will continue their tradition to include easter eggs from their souls titles. If it’s anything to go by their recent work such as Déraciné, we’re in luck. The developer has already revealed that Sekiro will hold some similarities to their previous work, including a hub area where players can meet NPCs and other fundamental features.

Bloodborne is available to play on Playstation 4. If you’re eager to see what From has been up to be sure to read about Sekiro’s hub area.

To read more Bloodborne content be sure to read next about the cut Snake Ball boss that could have terrorised the game if it had made the release. You should also visit our wiki if you’re heading into the gothic nightmare that is Bloodborne.


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