Bloodborne New Upcoming Apparel!

Bloodborne New Upcoming Apparel!

In collaboration with Sony, video game apparel company Insert Coin, recently announced their upcoming clothing line based on FromSoftware’s grueling action-RPG, Bloodborne.

Bloodborne – Now As A Fashion Statement!

Insert Coin’s new range of Bloodborne  apparel includes hoodies, T-shirts and long sleeved-shirts. With graphic prints of the game’s bosses like the Amygdala and Ebrietas among others.

The upcoming Bloodborne  clothing line is slated to launch this November with pre-orders now open. You can place your order here and you can also check out some images below.

If you’d like more Bloodborne  themed merchandise, you can check out the adorable Hunter & Plain Doll figurine set as well as this Hunter tapestry that’s also coming in November.

Bloodborne  is now available on the PlayStation 4.

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6 comments on “Bloodborne New Upcoming Apparel!”

  1. penniwise says:

    meh. I wish there was a high-quality t-shirt\hoodie\whatever with just one small image of a weapon such as blade of mercy or something the upper left, like a polo type logo, and that’s all. Subtle. Almost all shirts have crap written all over them.

    I did find something close once but the shirt quality was so bad.

  2. Avatar announakis says:

    the bloodborne rune sweater is ok.
    the rest is pretty pathetic actually

  3. Avatar Fexelea says:


  4. Avatar TSMP says:

    As far as t-shirts go, these are pretty good. I might get one later.

    They still aren’t the super fancy tophat and coat I’m looking for, unfortunately. Victorian fashion revival when?

  5. Avatar Lich180 says:

    That’s what I was hoping for as well… Wish I could find a dapper top hat that matched my trenchcoat, then I could at least do a little.

  6. Avatar EldritchImagination says:

    At first I thought, “Finally! They see the value of making Bloodborne inspired cosplay attire”. I must say I’m disappointed.

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