Bloodborne Is Getting a Vinyl Soundtrack Set

Bloodborne Is Getting a Vinyl Soundtrack Set

Last updated on July 28th, 2019

If you’ve been wanting for a vinyl soundtrack for FromSoftware’s Bloodborne, you’re in luck as a new vinyl set will be releasing.

Bloodborne Is Getting a Vinyl Soundtrack Set

Bloodborne will be receiving a soundtrack vinyl set by Laced Records which will consist of 21 tracks split onto two discs. This set will be releasing in September 2019. The soundtrack will only cover the main game, not the DLC.

The folded cover features Bloodborne artwork and the list of tracks each disc side has. There are two sets available, a standard black set and one that comes in green called the “Grim Green”. You can pick up the standard set at retailers while the green version will be an online exclusive on the Laced Records’ Online Store, both will cost $35 and available to pre-order.

You can check out the track list below:

Disc 1 โ€“ Side A
1. Omen
2. The Night Unfurls
3. Hunterโ€™s Dream
4. The Hunter
5. Cleric Beast
6. Blood-starved Beast

Disc 1 โ€“ Side B
1. Watchers
2. Hail the Nightmare
3. Darkbeast
4. The Witch of Hemwick
5. Rom, the Vacuous Spider

Disc 2 โ€“ Side A
1. Moonlit Melody
2. The One Reborn
3. Micolash, Nightmare Host
4. Queen of the Vilebloods
5. Soothing Hymn

Disc 2 โ€“ Side B
1. Celestial Emissary
2. Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
3. The First Hunter
4. Moon Presence
5. Bloodborne

Bloodborne vinyl soundtrack will be available this September.

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