Bloodborne Gameplay of Unseen Boss!

Bloodborne Gameplay of Unseen Boss!

Last updated on December 28th, 2017

If you remember a little while back, YouTuber Sanadsk  unearthed a wealth of never-before-seen Bloodborne  assets that showed us some cut bosses, NPCs and the like.

Bloodborne – What Could Have Been…

And now, the channel managed to load up an area that included one of these enemies and showcased it in a gameplay video found below. Which notes that it is called the “Great One Beast”.

Here, you can compare it to early images from the initial find a while back. And if you didn’t know, FromSoftware recently released quite the teaser that could be a Bloodborne  sequel.

For more discovered Bloodborne  content such as this, check out the long-lost blazing variant of the Undead Giant (Mob), an Undead Giant that was found lurking in the game’s Chalice Dungeon.

In other Bloodborne  stuff, an early set of images gives us a good look at the upcoming “The Death of Sleep” comic book tie-in.

Bloodborne  is now available, exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

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4 comments on “Bloodborne Gameplay of Unseen Boss!”

  1. Avatar Lich180 says:

    Looks like a combo of Darkbeast Paarl and the Cleric Beast.

  2. Avatar TSMP says:

    I was thinking more along the lines of Watchdog of the Old Lords, myself.

  3. Avatar qeter says:

    seems like an early version of the watchdog of the old lords before they decided to make it fire based.

  4. Avatar Grehym_Blak says:

    I got a serious DS Kalameet or Sith feel from it. Cut the wings off add some furr and put in your easy bake oven… Even had the hallmark fire breath stance.

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