Bloodborne Expansion Revealed! And New Patch 1.04

Bloodborne Expansion Revealed! And New Patch 1.04

Last updated on August 5th, 2015

Breaking news for all Bloodborne fans! Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios – Sony Computer Entertainment, has revealed in a tweet alongside Masaaki Yamigawa that Bloodborne will be receiving special DLC treatment later this year via an EXPANSION! We expect to see information nearing Q3, but there’s no information on release date yet. There’s also a new Patch coming out on May 25th, 1.04!


Hyping intensifies for fans and for the curious, alongside the endless debate over cut content, rushed products and planned DLC. On this post, however, we would like to focus on what you think the Expansion will be about! What’s your favorite theory? What would you like to see?

Check out the Lore and the Lore Glossary pages for ideas on lose ends

What will the Bloodborne DLC bring?

Will we get:

  • To visit Byrgenwerth and open the mysterious trap door? Or Talk further with Master Willem?
  • To reveal the true meaning of the graves in the Hunter’s Dream?
  • More Weapons?
  • Upgradable Armor?
  • A Chalice Dungeon creator?
  • A purpose to the Yharnam Stone and/ or the Ring of Betrothal?

Share your theories and check out the DLC Page on the wiki to keep up with news.

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79 comments on “Bloodborne Expansion Revealed! And New Patch 1.04”

  1. Avatar HazamaOuroborous says:

    I wanna visit Loran, or maybe it could go way back to the old civilization when Yharnam was in power…..
    Also, can we get more than one Blood Rock per playthrough? Plz?

  2. Avatar NPC_invader says:

    I don’t need a beast mode I want a Ayy lmao mode to gain the ability to transforms my hunter into a giant celestial emissary. Now that would be awesome.

  3. Bloodshot_Jester says:

    Id just like them to have the standard amound of weapons an armor that is expected from a souls game caue now it seems like were all the same class and use like 5 or 6 of the best weapons.

    But really id like to be able to have the option to do everything I could with m build that was possible in Dark Souls 2. Maybe opting out of a gun ad using a sword to parry while still having that third attack button. No shields is fine in fact id prefer it cuz it makes players fight instead of turtle dogging it. Also armor should remain light. Trick weapons and gun parries are a new feature BUT the only feature. That and the new dodge mechanic is the entirety of the game insetad of adding it and trick weapons along with standard weapons and because they decided that having one button dedicated to healing and another for blood bullets instead of making up on the pad instant heal or holding square to instant heal and tapping to use items.

    They could rectify the situation by adding standard weapons but making any weapon that loks like it should be wielded in two hands, automatically wielded in two hands while being able to parry. If you want to hold a weapon in two or one hands like a standard long sword type then perhaps they could figure something out as the animation for gripping a sord with two hands is their as well as one hand. Perhaps L1 could transform trck weapons and holding L1 could aloow ou to hold wth two hands especially weapons like the saw spear which wuld be much more eficeint as a two handed long weapon.

    Also Im not a fan of farming and even tho ive been to 99 blood vials and 99 bullets seveal times I still manage to run out when I pvp or fght a boss that takes more than 5 tries so a way to parry without needng bullets woud be wonderfull. Plus weapons like the kirkhammer have nothing to do with trickiness its a slow trick attack and IMO just a two in one weapons. I can think of some great trick moves like pretending to pound the ground but then letting the hamme fall behind you as your sword comes out instead slasing the attackers.

    Im also sick of Souls PVP always seeminly comin down ti baiting or parries which in the old games they misunderstand what parry means. Its just a skilled deflection of an attack in a way that tries to open up an angle for attack revent the enemy from gainging ground or an angle of attack on yourself. You don’t stun or stagger. Guns however would tagger anone and although its awesome I still want my classis melee duels withut the annoying sheid weilder wth havel armor and a greatsword. Also attacks don’t need to hit if both weapons hit each tother first which I dnt now why this doesnt happens as the hit detection seems spot oso much so that thee are slight safe spots you can utilize after an enemy attacks to get up in their space and mutilate em.

  4. Deadlysyns says:

    Bloodshot we are all the same class. Hunters I think to many people expected Souls levels of stuff when this is clearly not a souls game. I would be happy with more hats that don’t cover your face. There are only 3 in this game right now. Also some new Trench coats one that is black please.

  5. Avatar Alkaiser says:

    Memeborne as expansion, confirmed :lol:

  6. ArrowHead says:

    This is every game I’ve ever loved. In fact, every film I’ve watched and enjoyed has had lots of stuff end up cut in the final release. Every album I love and enjoy has songs that were cut, solos that didn’t make it, maybe even a little mistake here or there.

    You’re not observing some big horrible fuck up by game developers. You’re just witnessing the truth of what happens when creative types meet up with a budget and deadlines. It happens all the time, everywhere in entertainment.

    Mark my words: this isn’t the tragedy you think it is, and your reaction is disproportionate to the reality of things. Definitely not worth name calling and lashing out at your fellow gamers.

  7. Avatar TheWalkingDead says:

    This DLC better be like Dark Souls 2 type of expansion. Bloodborne definitely needs a lot more areas and cities.

  8. Deadlysyns says:

    Cities in a land where only one city is taken over by the Beasts? That is like a game set in Hong Kong in 97 before China took it back but wanting more cities.

  9. aceluby says:

    Lol, are you trying for most ridiculous post award?

  10. Avatar Serious_Much says:

    Defact, this post is unnecessarily aggressive. It also insults another member of the forum which is also against the rules.

    Frankly, what makes it more unnecessary is the fact that if you remove the first 2 lines the post is reasonably within the rules (even if your theory in the post was utterly ridiculous). Please, refrain from aggressive posting in the future and allow our language filter to do it’s job. Don’t circumvent it

  11. Avatar Shimeon says:

    Thanks for the laugh, mate.

    Must be fun living in your own imaginary bubble.

    Hey, I heard The Hunter was supposed to be in the last Super Smash Bros, but Sony wanted to keep him all for themselves. What a terrible game company. The next Pokemon game will have guns like Bloodborne though, so at least there’s that.

  12. TheKillingTree says:

    Don’t you think it’s kind of odd that there’s a stat for a consumable? Beasthood does seem kind of slapped together. I’m not expecting any major changes to it, but it’ll have to wait until we actually see the expansion.

  13. Avatar Callyste says:

    Doesn’t strike me as odd, coming from the makers of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls.
    Honestly, I believe the only thing From is guilty of, is to have let our hopes up about that "beast" thing. I certainly do not believe even one second that "mean villain Sony decided to cut it out because whatever". That’s just not how it works… no conspiracy there, you can remove your tinfoil hats.

    However (yes, I’m keeping my hopes up), maybe, just MAYBE Beasthood will get more depth given with the upcoming Expansion.

  14. Avatar Alkaiser says:

    They could try something like the Dragon Form from Dark Souls. Permanent form until death. Perhaps a new Oath that allows a more powerful but "berserk" type of boost along with Beast Form achieved by an item or some other method. So if one were to achieve beast form with that Oath, they would not be able to lock-on and use their guns, whereas attaining a power boost via bar buildup without the Oath will still allow normal combat.

    If this "berserk" beast form were to be achieved, then in a coop session, a Beast Oath hunter will be hostile to all others when they become beasts, except those who have the same Oath rune. Oh man, the things I would suggest to Fromsoft right now…

  15. Avatar Back_Lot_Basher says:

    Truthfully, I’m shocked that BB didn’t do something like this, using beast form as a unique transformation. There are so many strange design aspects to this game, things that feel like missed opportunities, or even steps backward from everything that was achieved in Dark Souls. I realize it’s a different IP, but I’m talking about basic things that seem, I dunno…askew.

  16. Avatar TSMP says:

    A consumable and a weapon, don’t forget about the Beast Claw. Not that this goes against your point and all, making an entire stat for one weapon and a consumable is a bit odd.

    The lore behind it is very consistent though, and this isn’t the first time the Souls series had something like this. Dark Souls 2 has a minor and wholly forgettable mechanic about the player character approaching full hollowness and a smattering of items that were affected by how hollow your character was (Dark Pyromancy Flame, Staff of Amana, the new Forlorn weapons). The only odd thing about it all is that filling the bar doesn’t turn your character into a beast, but the same could be said about why dying more in DaS2 doesn’t eventually cause your character to go fully hollow. Which either makes sense from a gameplay perspective (if transformation into a beast is completely permanent, the game would effectively be over) or indicates a mechanic that might’ve been dropped or postponed for DLC (if temporary transformation is possible, as the Beast rune implies and as per Gascoigne and the cannibal beggar).

    From the interview in the guidebook:

    In other words, beasthood functions as a resistance to beast transformation and a higher resistance results in a more powerful beast when it’s finally breached. This is reflected in the gameplay by the beasthood meter appearing where the other resistance meters do (which I think is a very nice touch) and the beasthood value itself determining the maximum damage boost your character can get from it. But again, maxing the meter doesn’t actually do anything, unlike other status resistances.

    You did make me think of something that hadn’t occurred to me earlier though, like how everything even ever-so-slightly related to beasthood is very forbidden by the Church. Beast Blood Pellets, Beast Claw, the Beast runes, and even the Beast Roar item which doesn’t use beasthood in-game but mentions functioning in a similar way in its description all say they’re forbidden. The beggar from the Forbidden Woods even talks about Beast Blood Pellets as if they were some kind of highly illegal drug after you’ve sent him to the Ward and let him snack on people, so some kind of underground black market must be dealing in the stuff. Makes me wonder if there are more forbidden goodies locked away in a Church vault somewhere, probably behind a door labeled "Extra Heretical". If the DLC does have new beasthood-related things in it, they’re probably more likely to be things that let you go further into beasthood without quite going all the way to fit with the lore and overall concept behind beasthood. I’m not actually expecting a full-on beast mode, I just think it’d be cool is all.

  17. Avatar TSMP says:

    To be honest, if you’re using a character with all the various "forbidden" items its playstyle ends up being awfully similar to the dragon form of Dark Souls 1. The dragon form had extremely high bare-hand damage, BB has the Beast Claw. Dragon form had a Force-like shockwave that knocked stuff back, deflected projectiles, and boosted your damage, BB has the Beast Roar which does the first two and beasthood itself does the third. Dragon form was notorious for its extremely low defense, while in BB building up your beasthood lowers your defense. The main difference between the two is that BB’s beasthood stuff doesn’t require you to take all your clothes off first and its attack boosts can last for much longer and go way higher, whereas DaS1’s dragon form traded your defense for a cool dragonoid makeover.

    Methinks a beast pelt attire set would close the gap nicely and with the least effort.

  18. Avatar Dregnautt says:

    Very hype but as sum1 else said it should have been there already. I agree with what ENB said "theres just not enough of it" (the game itself).

    Im praying to the Souls God that they make tons more of NPC’s with hefty stories that matter and make you care


  19. Specialist1234 says:

    What are some things you guys/gals would like to see in the expansion?

  20. Avatar WTFDude says:

    I think there already is a thread on this.

  21. Avatar NPC_invader says:


  22. Avatar Aim_v_Here says:

    Thread merging FTW! Mods are on point. So much hype at this point. DLC for BB combined with a possible announcement of Dark Souls III at E3.

    FROMsoft why you do this to me?!! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

  23. Avatar WTFDude says:

    The hype is real!

  24. Avatar Alkaiser says:

    My thread is becoming an cell that is absorbing BB expansion threads :laughing:

  25. Avatar NPC_invader says:

    Not you. they merged threads. Someone created a thread with full CAPS LOCK talking about the DLC xD.

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