Bloodborne Expansion Revealed! And New Patch 1.04

Bloodborne Expansion Revealed! And New Patch 1.04

Breaking news for all Bloodborne fans! Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios – Sony Computer Entertainment, has revealed in a tweet alongside Masaaki Yamigawa that Bloodborne will be receiving special DLC treatment later this year via an EXPANSION! We expect to see information nearing Q3, but there’s no information on release date yet. There’s also a new Patch coming out on May 25th, 1.04!


Hyping intensifies for fans and for the curious, alongside the endless debate over cut content, rushed products and planned DLC. On this post, however, we would like to focus on what you think the Expansion will be about! What’s your favorite theory? What would you like to see?

Check out the Lore and the Lore Glossary pages for ideas on lose ends

What will the Bloodborne DLC bring?

Will we get:

  • To visit Byrgenwerth and open the mysterious trap door? Or Talk further with Master Willem?
  • To reveal the true meaning of the graves in the Hunter’s Dream?
  • More Weapons?
  • Upgradable Armor?
  • A Chalice Dungeon creator?
  • A purpose to the Yharnam Stone and/ or the Ring of Betrothal?

Share your theories and check out the DLC Page on the wiki to keep up with news.

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79 comments on “Bloodborne Expansion Revealed! And New Patch 1.04”

  1. Avatar HirokiSugihara says:

    Oh look, more content they withheld from the game that is being released as “DLC” :/

    I’m still going to buy it… But I’m gonna be bitter about it :^(

  2. Avatar Aim_v_Here says:


    (can you tell I’m a little hyped?)

  3. Avatar Alkaiser says:


    Agreed. Fixes are great and very much needed but when the word “expansion” is bought up, it better be an actual expansion :bounce:

  4. Khknight says:

    And as with every expansion comes a gigantic patch with a billion fixes and balance updates. Lets hope they dont do anything dumb

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