Bloodborne: Early Lore Theories

Bloodborne: Early Lore Theories

Last updated on August 7th, 2015


A the 2014 Gamescom Trade Show, From Software showed the first official gameplay trailer which gave hints towards some of the Lore in the Bloodborne. The trailer opens with a long shot of Yharnam and a hint of what appears to be a large, wolf like creature, assumed at this point to be one of the game’s bosses. The scene cuts to a shot of a table, with an old man sitting in a chair facing away from us. A voice says:

Dear Friend, take heed
The blood is foul
And when night falls
The hunters return

This dialogue is very important. with the “Dear friend, take heed”, we can assume the man speaking either is close to you, or feels a kinship with you as he sets you off on your quest. I believe his role is the same as that of the old Firekeepers in Things Betwixt at the beginning of Dark Souls II, a wise sage, or an older character who establishes your reason to be in the world. His warning is stark, but not said in a manner that indicates any fear for your wellbeing, more that he is stating a simple fact that the journey ahead will be dangerous.

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“The blood is foul” represents the communicable blight which is at the heart of Bloodborne. It’s already been established that Yharnam is in the grip of an endemic plague, affecting people through their blood.

“And when night falls, the hunters return” is possibly the most important line in this small exchange. This can be taken a couple of different ways, but it would appear that this is setting up a mechanic for the game, or it is a reflection on characters you will meet. The theories I can read from this are:

  1. The game has a day/night mechanic which will provide a dual playstyle, providing a level of calm/respite during daytime sequences and the danger increasing upon night time. There is slight evidence throughout the trailer for this as some of the location shots occur during a hazy daylight, but all of the combat shots appear to take place at night, mostly bathed in a full moon glow.
  2. The trailers have already shown multiple werewolf like creatures as enemies and the boss figure in this trailer appears to be an enormous, mutated wolf. This would indicate that when night falls, the hunters return, as in, when night falls people are changing into werewolves (or werewolf like creatures) and begin to prey upon the uninfected.
  3. The last theory would be that the character you play is a hunter, in a Van Helsing-like blueprint, who by night hunts these creatures down in an attempt to keep Yharnam safe.

The werewolf imagery, as well as the lead character’s appearance, combined with the quasi-Victorian setting all tie together with themes and imagery from classic monster hunter stories such as the aforementioned Van Helsing. From the shots seen in the trailer and this initial dialogue it’s fair to assume that theories 2 and 3 are the most likely to be accurate.

Bloodborne Lore

It’s not until the end of the trailer that any further Lore hints are found as the majority of the trailer shows traversal and combat, as well as showing off the art style for Yharnam. At the end of the trailer there is a shot of the player character and what looks to be the old man from the opening of the trailer, observing a building as it burns. It appears that the building could be a church. Given it’s decoration and shape, it conforms to the European style for a church, but it could also be part of a manor. The area is rural and appears overgrown. Silhouetting the player character is a full moon, leading more weight to the werewolf theory.

As this shot plays out, a female voice says (the voice sounds remarkably like that of the Maiden In Black from Demon’s Souls):

And so the nightly hunt begins

This reflects back to the theories above, either every night the wolves come to hunt the healthy and spread the infection, or every night the player character goes out and hunts them to protect Yharnam.

It could be both.


I discuss the trailer in more personal terms in this video, please do take a look:


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