Bloodborne “The Death of Sleep” Comic Book First Look!

Bloodborne “The Death of Sleep” Comic Book First Look!

Early last month, Titan Comics revealed “The Death of Sleep“, their upcoming Bloodborne  comic book tie-in. Which will have its story written by Ales Kot, an apparent fan of the game, and its illustration done by Piotr Kowalski.

BloodborneThe Death of Sleep

And now, new images were recently shared revealing a set of covers and two pages from the comic book itself that you can check out below. The Death of Sleep is planned for a release on February 2018 and will be available in both paperback and digital formats.

For more Bloodborne  themed goodies, you can check out the adorable Hunter & Plain Doll figurine set, this Hunter tapestry and this clothing line.

And if you’ve been out of the loop, a number of unseen Bloodborne  assets have been cropping up including unused content and a rediscovery of an old enemy in the Chalice Dungeons.

Bloodborne  is now available, exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

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2 comments on “Bloodborne “The Death of Sleep” Comic Book First Look!”

  1. Avatar TSMP says:

    I am less than enthused about that art quality.

  2. Avatar Grehym_Blak says:

    I’m less than enthused by the total lack oh hype worthy news, legit or otherwise, about what From is doing. Screw the board games, comic books and statues! Whereda new IP at! FOR FROM SOFTING SAKE! Somebody from / in Japan infiltrate and report back.

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