Bloodborne Dataminer Uncovers the Purpose Behind the Yharnam Stone

Bloodborne Dataminer Uncovers the Purpose Behind the Yharnam Stone

Last updated on March 25th, 2019

If you’re a fan of Bloodborne, it’s more than likely you’ve delved into the rich lore and may come across dataminer Lance McDonald who has helped to uncover a lot of cut content that exists in past FromSoftware games. His latest unveiling is not to disappoint as it concerns the Yharnam Stone.

Bloodborne Dataminer Uncovers the Purpose Behind the Yharnam Stone

Lance McDonald has shared a new video that uncovers a cutscene that never made it to the final rendition of the game, as well as some voicelines that are spoken by the Fishing Hamlet Priest.

Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen screenshot via Bloodborne Cut Content – Yharnam Stone Purpose

The Yharnam Stone is collected after defeating the boss in Bloodborne called the Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen. While this item serves no real purpose in Bloodborne except as an accolade, it once however could be used in-game.

A sacred heirloom left by Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen.

McDonald shares a recap of the character the Fishing Hamlet Priest who is found deep within the Hunter’s Dream, he paces back and fourth in the Fishing Hamlet while reciting a few lines. He also shows what happens if a player’s character uses Milkweed Rune, causing the priest to recite a different poem. Other interactions in game include after defeating the final boss in the Fishing Hamlet, the priest will also share a different poem bidding farewell to the Orphan of Cos.

But what players haven’t seen is a cutscene that is buried in the game, which never made it the final version. McDonald uncovers that the Priest once upon a time had a different home than the fishing hamlet, he was supposed to appear in the Research Hall map. While his speech appears mostly the same, there are two variations, a new voiceline is triggered after defeating the Orphan of Cos, as well it was suppose to be spoken directly to the player.

Actions to either offer the Yharnam stone to the priest or to refuse

The next unveiling are menu options that were never translated into English, one to offer the Yharnam Stone to the priest or to refuse. By giving him the stone he speaks a new piece:

Kos! Fair child of Kos!
Time is not, and the sea rumbles afar.
And yet, a mother’s pungent devotion can still be felt.
Ahh, thank you, messenger,
I exude gratitude for one such as you.
Kos, bless this messenger, this visitor from beyond.

Priest reciting dialogue – screenshot via Bloodborne Cut Content – Yharnam Stone Purpose

This brings up the question of why this action was removed from the game?

If you enjoyed finding out about the cut content from Bloodborne, you should read about the Snake Ball boss which was also discovered by Lance McDonald. It’s amazing to see content still being revealed almost four years after its original release.

You can watch the full video here along with the multi-angle scenes Lance McDonald has unlocked:

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