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Bloodborne Codes Lets You Fight Its Hidden Bosses!

In an ongoing crusade to peel back Bloodborne‘s  many layers for hidden content, a new breakthrough now let’s everyone get a taste of what was recently only accessible to those with the right tools.

Bloodborne Hidden Cut Bosses – Now You Can Play, Too!

Responsible for this progress is Bloodborne  player Zullie the Witch, who shared three Glyphs allowing hunters access to a pair of cut enemies including the previously revealed Great One Beast and variants of the Moon Presence and Wet Nurse bosses.

How Do I Use These Glyphs To Access The Bosses?

Great question! You can following the steps below to meet your prey.

  1. Backup your data using a USB or Playstation Plus Online Cloud. You will get stuck in the dungeons, and your data may be corrupted, so this is important!
  2. Head up to an empty Ritual Altar in Hunter’s Dream
  3. Bring up the search
  4. Enter one of the following codes/Glyphs:
    1. “arkhv2vs” for the Great One Beast
    2. “sikgc3sm” for the Moon Presence variant
    3.  “m2vgwtjf” for Mergo’s Wet Nurse variant
  5. Enjoy!

Note that these enemies are unfinished and exploring the stages themselves poses risks, so make sure to backup your save data should you plan to venture forth. If not, then you can watch someone else do so, down below.

For more discovered Bloodborne  content such as this, check out the long-lost blazing version of the Undead Giant (Mob) that was found lurking in the game’s Chalice Dungeon.

In other Bloodborne  stuff, an early set of images gives us a good look at the upcoming “The Death of Sleep” comic book tie-in.

Bloodborne  is now available, exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

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21 responses to “Bloodborne Codes Lets You Fight Its Hidden Bosses!”

  1. after watching fighter pl do it the best way to get out of the dungeon is to go to a door and fall into the void until you land and die and (for some reason) you return to hunters dream but all your echoes are trapped forever

  2. >
    Dunno, but I do know it’s not the first time he’s done it. Like, I get that you’re using your voice to spread the good word, but you have to give people credit for their work. He’s just like this Rainbow 6: Siege YouTuber called NukemDukem. “Look at this neat trick I found!” “Bro, someone else posted this 45 minutes ago.”

  3. I found out how to exit the moon presence glyph if u did not back up your save. walk off the edge of the map previous to entering the boss door. you will fall for about 10 seconds, die and subsequently respawn in Hunter’s Dream

  4. I ain’t got no PS+. I cannot partake…


    He was involved in claims of not crediting the appropriate people, right? How did that turn out?

  5. >

    I have no idea how it really works.

    Sanadsk makes videos that get hundreds of thousands of hits, and Zullie The Witch helps.

    I have no idea what the one does and what the other does, so I just guess.

  6. Just tried them out. They was really cool. I hadn’t played Bloodborne in a few months so I’m glad I had a reason to start it up. I left a message in the beast one giving thanks.

  7. Awesome, thank you Rakuyo! Where did you get the name for the moon presence variant?

    I’ll fix the formatting that seems a little funny when there’s not much content xD

  8. Nevermind, just saw the video… three of them. F**k that haha (still gonna fight them because I hate myself).

  9. Wet Nurse is fun especially with BL4 character. Great One Beast looks amazing but since it is unfinished, hit boxes and invisible flames are annoying and boss has so little health points it can be killed in one combo. Moon Presence is interesting to fight but it could use more than two attack patterns: BL4, no rolling -challenge was too easy.

    Wet Nurse gave me a scare when I first saw the fight: “I’m up against what?” Now it makes so much more sense why the main game Nurse is so dull and easy to play against. Then again lorewise the cut fight makes absolutely no sense.

  10. As long as you back up your saves to an external source and don’t allow automatic updates you should be ok, right?

    Not everyone does back ups though…

  11. Oh shit, I thought they weren’t going to share this since it’s possible to permanently trap characters in them? What’s to stop a person from putting those codes in a help request thread, then laughing when people lose their characters forever?

  12. This is really quite awesome. I immediately fought both of them. The dog/horse like one is really easy and weak but looks really cool; Even more so in person than in Sanasdk’s video. The second one is neat too, but you can really tell it’s unfinished by the move set. Still amazing to fight both of them.

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