Bloodborne 2? Easter Egg In Déraciné Hints at Sequel
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Bloodborne 2? Easter Egg In Déraciné Hints at Sequel

FromSoftware recently released their first VR title Déraciné which doesn’t exactly fit the mold of past games in their repertoire, however there might be more of a connection to their previous titles than at first glance.

Bloodborne 2? Easter Egg In Déraciné Hints at Sequel

You might remember our piece about the possible ties between Bloodborne and Déraciné when it’s trailer was first released at E3 earlier this year. The VR adventure experience that brings players to the curious secluded boarding school released on PSVR today and already has FromSoft fans making connections with Bloodborne.

Screenshot via video by Amazing Komaru

In the game players can interact with a doll that has “Make Contact” gesture, similar to that of Bloodborne. The doll also has a description that relates to the Bloodborne universe. The description mentions “the unfinished tale” which could mean that there is a story that is has yet to have an ending. The fact that the mysterious doll uses the same gesture seen in Bloodborne, could very well be the “tale” the doll is hinting at. Are FromSoft trying to tell fans that there is a sequel to Bloodborne?

Image via video by Amazing Komaru

Fiona Doll

A doll of the stone girl Fiona who appears in the unfinished tale.

When a person has a bad dream, Fiona appears and helps them flee.

Thank you Amazing Komaru who shared with us their video of in-game footage that shows the moment when the doll is picked up. If you enjoyed this article be sure to read next FromSoftware New PSVR Déraciné Connected To Bloodborne?

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12 responses to “Bloodborne 2? Easter Egg In Déraciné Hints at Sequel”

  1. I read and interview with Miyazaki and he said yes the put it in there but it was because of their love for Blooborne not a hint at a sequel. He did seem interested in a Bloodborne 2 though.

  2. Lets just wait for announcement at the Game award in December 2018
    Okay, got it.
    Keegan Tan again

  3. The bloodborne 2 may either have PS4 or PC.
    Is it on PC or PS4
    Tell about your Thoughts in a section comment below hmm.
    Keegan Tan Is telling you

  4. Why would From reference an “unfinished tale” if it’s not a sequel?!?! God they are such a tease!!


  5. >

    The headline is: Bloodborne 2? Easter Egg in Deracine Hints at Sequel

    It doesn’t say Bloodborne 2 Easter Egg. It’s two sentences.

  6. This totally blew my mind! That’s without a doubt the ‘Make Contact’ gesture. But what does it mean!? I have so many gears turning in my mind, and so many questions: who is Fiona, why is she a ‘stone girl’, and what’s this about fleeing bad dreams??? Ugh, I need more lore! 😀

  7. Yes, this is definitely a hint at something, most likely a sequel. I can’t believe they wouldn’t revisit the series in the near future given how popular it is and how the storyline can still be teased out, for example, what happened to the old city of Yarnham? Loran? Much more to explore.

  8. Well now we feel vindicated for that article saying how it looked like the doll :P
    Also, moar Bloodborne 2 crumbs! GIMME. OMNOMNOMNOM.


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