BlizzCon 2021 Digital Event Announced

BlizzCon 2021 Digital Event Announced

Blizzard have officially announced that BlizzCon 2021 will be taking place completely online.

BlizzCon 2021 Digital Event Announced

Blizzard already announced earlier this year that BlizzCon 2020 would not be taking place, and most likely would be an online event. They have now announced the next BlizzCon or BlizzConline will take place from February 19th to 20th 2021.

The virtual event will feature a community showcase, which will spotlight cosplay crafters, artists and other community contributors, to take part in competitions and exhibitions. There is also a chance for everyone to join in, in the March of Murlocs, by submitting videos and images.

As for what will be presented at next year’s BlizzConline, well that has yet to be announced. According to the official post they are still putting together the event plan. It would be expected to hopefully see more news about upcoming ARPG Diablo 4, which has been having quarterly updates, sharing some features. There is Overwatch 2, with more PVE based content which is currently in the works, and was announced at last BlizzCon.

Previously Blizzard shared that Diablo 4 would be multiplayer, but not a mass multiple player game, still keeping the experience in keeping with previous entries. There will be however big world events where you will see the most amount of players at one time. Customisable Mounts and an open-world will be new additions to the franchise.

Blizzard will share more details of what will be happening during BlizzConline 2021 in the coming months.

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