Blizzard Shares Next Diablo IV Info Update Between Now and March

Blizzard Shares Next Diablo IV Info Update Between Now and March

Last we heard about the next major news update from Blizzard on the subject of Diablo IV was Q1 2020. Well it’s Q1 and fans are eager to know when exactly that will be, looks like we’ll be waiting a little longer according to this forum post.

Blizzard Shares Next Diablo IV Info Update Between Now and March

Blizzard community manager by the username Nevalistis shared on the Diablo subreddit, a post containing some details about the next Diablo IV update in terms of news. While it didn’t provide huge amounts of details it did share where exactly the game is in terms of development.

Diablo IV very, very early in development. Part of the reason we’re aiming for quarterly updates is because there’s not a lot right now that’s ready to share. If it was ready to show, you saw it at BlizzCon.

Diablo IV isn’t the only project that the developer is working on, Blizzard reminds fans that they are also continuing to provide updates for current Diablo III as well as Diablo Immortal. The post also gives reason to why there are quarterly updates, expressing it’s helps in “avoiding flooding our (currently shared) communication channels” as well as “pacing  out  the distribution of information.”

So when can we expect more news? Blizz says “sometime between now and end of March” and the post also states that it will be a solid update in terms of what will be shown, depending on two factors:

We want to put a lot of time, effort, and polish into these updates because they are so few and we care a lot about our work. However, ultimately, the content will be decided by (1) what’s ready to show and (2) what conversations we’re ready to have with the community.

Furthermore Blizz explains that these forms of communication aren’t always straight forward in terms of giving an exact date as it depends on what is needed for the production of content, ultimately they don’t want to “risk over-promising and under delivering”.

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