Blizzard Reveals Multiple Diablo Projects in Progress

Blizzard Reveals Multiple Diablo Projects in Progress

While it wasn’t long ago that we found out that Blizzard has been working on a Diablo project through a job listing, we get further news today confirming further development. Blizzard share a new video that explains that “multiple projects” are in the works.

Blizzard Reveals Multiple Diablo Projects in Progress

The latest video discusses the future of the Diablo series, the associate community manager Brandy Camel shares a little about what is in store for the action-RPG. What’s interesting to take away from this video is that “multiple projects” are being developed as well as ” some of them are going to take longer than others”. But Diablo fans will have to wait a little longer as Blizzard won’t be ready to have things to show until the end of the year.

While no real specifics have been revealed, this could be the continuation of the main game series. There has also been some speculation that Diablo III may come to another platform, the Nintendo Switch. But these are all rumours up until this point.

BlizzCon 2018 will be coming up later this year in November, Blizzard may be waiting to spill the beans at their own conference.

Watch the full video below:

The Diablo series most recent action-RPG release is Diablo III which originally launched back in 2012 and is currently available to play on PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One.

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